The Weaver Poems – Poems About Weavers Life

The Weaver Poem

The Weaver Poems tells us about the life of a weaver, how he skillfully weaves each thread through the loom to make a cloth and finally after a lot of hard work he succeeds in making the cloth. Our lives are like threads which we weave throughout our life and finally our life ends. How …

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Short Poems About Respect, Love, Kindness & Loyalty

Short Poems About Respect

Everyone wants honor and respect. It is also said to be honored so that you may be honored. Everyone, big or small, deserves respect, but man thinks from his side. Such poems of poetry can also change someone’s attitude. A collection of poems about respect and being respected. Poems about being treated well, cared for …

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Famous Abstract Poems About Life and Love Examples


We have got some Poems of Abstract type for you which emphasizes on the feeling and meaning of words instead of the impression of sound. Let’s read some abstract poetry. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake The Argument. Rintrah roars & shakes his fires in the burdend air; Hungry clouds swag on …

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Short Poems About The Future Dreams, Together & Love

past present future poems

Everyone wants to see a brighter future. Some people see their future as like the setting of the sun. Some have dreams and some see dreams come true. We’ve put together short poems about the future that illustrate some of these ideas. In Me, Past, Present, Future Meet In me, past, present, future meet To …

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After A While Poem By Veronica A. Shoffstall

After a while poem

There is a famous poem by Veronica A. Shoffstall which was included in the annual book of her college in 1971. This poem is considered to be the best way to bring out the inner sorrow and increase the morale of a person. After a while by Veronica A. Shoffstall After a while you learn …

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15 A Life Well Lived Encouraging Poems Quotes

A life well lived quotes

Get inspired by short A Life Well Lived Poems to live a good life. If our experience of yesterday is bad, don’t waste your today’s happiness by thinking of them. Go ahead and enjoy the little happy moments. We’ve put together some beautiful Poems and Quotes About A Life Well Lived that will help you …

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22 Short Poems About Strength And Courage

poems about strength and courage

The best Poems About Strength are collected here to increase strength and enthusiasm. It takes courage and strength to face the various challenges and obstacles of life. One can never be successful if he overcomes the difficulties that come his way and gives up trying. Be courageous and move forward because people always support successful …

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20 Short Poems About Perseverance Through Hard Times

short poems about perseverance

Here you will read Poems About Perseverance that encourage you to never give up and continue your mission no matter how difficult the situation is and all hopes are dashed. If you want to create excitement and enthusiasm, then you have come to the right place█ö Persistence by Walter Savage Landor My hopes retire; my …

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10 Famous Never Give Up Poems When Life Gets Hard

never give up poems

Every human being goes through some difficulty in life and the only one who is successful, is the one who overcomes the difficulties and hardships that come upon him and moves on. The weak man can never move forward. Take courage and move on. Obstacles will be reduced automatically. Here are some beautiful Inspirational Never …

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