Firefighter Poems Quotes Dedicated To All The Firefighters

Firefighting is a difficult and daunting task. It takes courage and perseverance. People who do these things should be encouraged so that they can do their job well. We have collected such beautiful poems that will surely encourage firefighters. These touching poems praises a firefighter hero for the sacrifices he makes. These poems in list format are the best examples of firefighter poems.

I’m A Firefighter

Baby, I’m a firefighter
Trapped in a burning house
there is no way out
watching the burning love
between us die

Oh! how I long
for your empty kiss
Bet you can feel it
Upon your fuller lips

I know
you’re leaving me, baby,
The whole sky
Is flying north
There’s nothing left to say
Except, that I needed you
I needed you here with me

I needed your love
Inside of mine
So that I could die

Nick Kler

Firefighter Poetry Quotes


Fallen Firefighter

They lived and breathed this kind of rattle.
And if it still hurts then hold your breath,
Like they held theirs’ until their death.
Don’t hate them for what they’ve done,
They wouldn’t for what we did,
Or cry for the lives they lived,
Because they lived for everyone.

Tyler Durden

Firefighter Poems


When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be a dentist
Astronaut or mage apprentice.
I want to be a dancer, an artist, a king.
I’m hoping to stand on a stage and sing.
When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer,
Or have lead role in the play Tom Sawyer.
I’ll be a comedian, and make people laugh!
Or the CEO with a thousand staff.
I’ll be a waitress, a teacher, a vet.
Snow White’s eighth dwarf that no one has met!
I might be a chef, or a scientist.
How about architect or alchemist?
When I grow up, I’ll be a song writer
Or maybe your friendly, next-door firefighter.
I’ll be a technician or pharmacy worker,
A fashion designer or New York stock broker.
I’m gonna be everything, just you wait and see!
But I think in the end I’m just gonna be me.

Sonja Eliason

when I grow up


As A Firefighter Is My Mother

As a firefighter is my mother,
She might climb my ladder,
To fight my fire by water.

Her life is burning in my upbringing,
How many gifts I should have given.

Her joy strengthens my body to stand,
For kissing her forehead, feet, and hand.

Her sight is shining brightly as a sun ray,
That can guide me when I was astray.

Her voice is calling me sweetly to say,
‘Take care of yourself, are you ok? ‘.

As a firefighter is my mother,
She might climb my ladder,
To fight my fire by water.

Abderrahmane Dakir



A Firefighter Hero

911 Emergency
Alarms puncturing
Lights illuminating
A fire, burning up the way
They are ready to foray
In an unselfish display
Their life always
On the line
All the time
With a sparking do well
Challenging a flaming hell
At the ringing of a bell
To rescue a crying yell
From the purgatory of perdition
On a fire and brimstone mission
The one in question
Who is that thither
Who battles the fire
Frees us from forlorn mire
That he so
A Firefighter Hero

Daniel Miltz




You put out fires.
You go in them.
You’re a firefighter.
I’m scared
You’ll get hurt;
I can’t live without you.
You enter the flaming fire
To save another life.
I wait for you to come out,
But you’re nowhere to be seen.
I start to worry,
But then you’re there with a child in your arms.
You’re so brave and strong,
Risking your own life to save another’s.
You’re more than just a firefighter,
You’re a life aver to many and a hero to all.

Virginia Williams


Firefighter Bird

He dreamed of being a firefighter with any kind of luck
He hoped to wear the helmet and ride the big red truck
Soon they get the call and the alarm will start to sound
Excitement starts to build as their hearts begin to pound
Racing through the streets with lights and sirens going
Soon they smell the smoke and can see the fire glowing
They begin to work together and start to fight the blaze
They jump into the danger never expecting any praise
Firefighters love their jobs and they never want to stop
They are the real hero’s and not the donut loving cops
He wants to make difference and hoping to be heard
Now he is Assistant Chief and his name is Tony Bird

Rob Hyden


The Volunteer Firefighter

Australia is at war with bloody red flames
burning our land until charcoal remains

The volunteer fireman, our hero and hope
Risks his life through the billowing smoke

Through the crackling intensity and dreadful smell
His eyes are straining as he pushes through hell

For a moment he pauses and gazes around
To see wildlife perishing – ash to the ground

Thirsty and shocked animals whimper with pain
He realizes our fauna will never be the same

The fireman now grabs his water to share
with the wounded koala in a state of despair

Shattered, the fireman stares up in vain
Willing the heavens to send down rain

Though weariness shows on his blackened face
He won’t allow fatigue to slow down his pace

Julie King


A Firefighter In A Straight Jacket

I been looing all around
trying to loose my brain,
been looking for all sorts of love
to just say im crazyin love
but I wanted to surpass insane,
certain ones that had equal value or more
I let them over power me in the game,
it came around and hurt me in the end
I shouldnt of acted like that
and now i feel ashamed.

but that is lessons that needed to be learned
just because you was in a fire
that doesnt mean you will always get burned,
and the times that you do
you feel embarrased but that doesnt mean,
because you have been burnt that you are still not you.
because it’s been times I looked in the mirror after that
and I didnt see the same face
multiple personalities and third degree burns, effects my pace
and it hurts time to time so it affects myspace
and burns my heart like mase does to your eyes
but keep it moving youngin
especially on the long hurtful rainy days
because if I didn’t have that Straight jacket on
i wouldn’t be the person i am today.

Malik Crockett


Im A Volunteer (Poem For Volunteer Firefighters) Firefighter

The night is silent, there is no light.
But somewhere across town, there is a fire to fight.
The noise of my pager awakens me
Dispatch shouts of fire with entrapment.
I get my keys and stumble to my feet.
I rush to my truck, hoping I’m in luck.
The blue light spins, as i hope we can win.

I get to the station and don my heavy gear
I get on the truck to fight someone’s fear.
Passenger seat I sit, we’ll be there in a bit.
With sirens yelping and red lights lighting the night sky
I hope to God no one on my truck dies.

As we round the corner, I see a glow
Hoping to god the house doesn’t blow.
We pull up front and I hop off the truck
Grabbing a hose and putting a pack on my back
I rush in to a smoke filled darkness without looking back.
I’m alone and scared, hoping God is looking down
The room comes alive, an orange hell around.
I open the hose in an attempt to drown
The child is in here, I look all around

I hear the order to get out now!
The roof is sagging, I run to the door
I trip on a door as the flames roar
There he lays, in the same door.
I scoop and run, i can’t make it to the door
Out a window i dive, from the second floor.
I hit the pavement and start CPR.
Hoping I can make the run to the EMS car.

I dropp the baby off as i fall to my knees
As tired as I may be, I have a fire to fight.
God, I love this life.

Fifteen minutes later, I stumble to my rig.
looking at the remains, the house was so big.
I walk into my house, nearly 6 o’clock.
I did my job, and I did it well.
This is not my career, I’m a Volunteer.

Tyler S. Johnson



She became a firefighter at a very young age
Passed with flying colors at every stage
Determined to follow the footsteps of her family
That is the dream that she did see.
She built up her body like any man
But had the gentlest hands.
The kindest heart that anyone would know
And that was something that she did show.
She would put the person on her back
Looking forward and would never slack
Her goal was to save all the lives she can
That was her goal, that was her plan.
And every time she looked at her children
As a mother would often do- and see the pride in their eyes
And in the faces of the lives she saved and prevented
Them from going to an early grave.
Then she would know that the choice she made
To be a firefighter would take her spirits so much higher.
So to the firefighters I salute you one and all
So stand proud, stand tall.
louis rams


Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter Fails To Fight The Flame)

Whenever I go to that sandy beach,
from my heart a sorrow slowly leaks,
like water from a vast ocean,
too much with no end,
from a time so distant,
but so fresh in my memory, it never went.
Cries of sea-gull,
makes my heart numb and dull.

Every time I go to that beautiful garden,
on the ground I see the yellow dry leaves,
from the trees they have fallen,
by the gentle blowing of the breeze.
And the pretty flowers with their fragrance,
surrounded by the fluttering butterflies in their dance.
As the yellow leaves are whipped up by the whirling wind,
my sleeping heart startled by the rough awakening,
like a healing wound made raw by needle pricking.

Whenever I see that sunset in the evening,
that will bring me a sad feeling,
to my heart with a scar,
from a far.

Every time I hear that song,
my memory flashes back to the long.
It was my lover’s favourite,
causing my heart a gnawing ache.
But for loving her I have no hate,
It is my destiny and fate.
Blaming other I will never make.

Whenever the night is silent and dark,
to the twinkling stars many questions I want to ask,
Why my love didn’t show up,
to elope to a far, far away place,
from both sides of parents of different caste and race,
who thought our marriage would bring them a disgrace.

I am just a normal brave fire-fighting guy,
For my lover, expensive house and car I can’t afford to buy.

The beach, the garden, the sunset, the song and the night,
to my almost forgotten old flame, always give a re-ignite,
to become a new flare-up of flame burning my heart with its might,
which I always fail to fight.
To escape from it, at the end of tunnel, I see no hope of light.

U Win Kyi



On the outside
Looking up
Crashing through the door
Looking through the smoke and fire
For the stairs
You sprint towards them
Pounding up them you go
You check your radio
To see what floor people are on
The 8th you captain says back
Your on the 6th now
Keep going you tell yourself
7 is right ahead
Finally EIGHT
Captain I’m here
You look around for the body
Under the mattress you find it
Throwing it over your shoulder
You sprint
Down the stairs
Out to the paramedic
The person is in minor pain
Relief fills your body

Kristina Fleissner


Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter)

As the midnight drawing near,
A huge fire leaping into the air,
Engulfing the houses as it snarls.
It grows bigger and bigger.
Billowing smokes are everywhere.
Alarm bells ringing like a nightmare.
Fire engines start to blare.
Firefighters hurry to dare.
Any effort not to spare.
Fighting like a lion, not a hare.
With courage and sacrifice in dual pair.
Suddenly he hears a piercing cry from the burning stair.
It is from a girl aged only 3 years.
Surrounded by the fire with its sear.
Dashing to rescue her without any fear.
Intense heat has singed his hair.
All the scorches he has to bear.
Then the huge fire reduced to a weak flicker.
Finally the fire put out as he declares.
Then th sky starts to be clear.
Victorious as he stands there.
At a distance that he stares.
The sun rises to appear.
Never, ever would he despair.
People’s lives are to his dear.
His own life is what he does’nt care.
His reputation must not be smeared.
To his last breath, his conscience is clear.
Every failure makes him stronger.
Every success makes him humbler.
Truely he is the public’s admirer.
At present, this kind of MAN is rarer and rarer.

U Win Kyi


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