Top 20 Black Love Poems For Her / Him From The Heart

Black Love Poems is powerful and passionate. Where black and white becomes a colorful place Of loving, kisses, touching, caressing there with you and only you.

Black love poems
Black love poems

Dark Love

Who are we to say we know
What LOVE is all about?

Some of us say that were in LOVE
Looking for that perfect girl or that perfect guy.

Others on the other hand,

Are sick and tired of waiting
Looking for that perfect person.

Some of us found what we were looking for,
But don’t turn out so right.
I too found the perfect guy,

But something was not right.
Now all my little black hearts,
Knows is the dark side of

Maybe one day,
I’ll find my pricness
and live happily ever after…………

But for now,

my heart will be harden
So no one can get close enought
to hurt me.

There’s DARK LOVEin everyone,

Black Love


Black love poems for her
Black love poems for her


Perfect didn’t feel so perfect.
Because the fact is,
I’m Not perfect.
I was built to make mistakes.
Learn from them.
Be better from them.
Just like pink is the new black,
Different is the new world.
I can be what and who ever I want to be,
And no has the right to say anything about it.

I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be
Sorry I won’t pretend to be something,
I’m not.

Black Love


Love poems by black poets
Love poems by black poets

With You

I woke up in a dream today,
to a cold night in hell.
I watch how to the moon sits in the sky,
and how I stand in the dark alone.

I remember back then who you were.
You use to be calm, used to be strong,
Used to be generous.
The memory won’t escape me.
Even thought you so close to me, your still so distant.
Is there nothing I can do to bring you back?
Have I not try so hard?

I remember those three important words you said to me,
like it was yesterday.
Now, despair keeps on knocking on my door.
I hide this pain so well.

Even if you’re not with me

I’m with you.

Black Love


Famous black love poems
Famous black love poems

Day After Day

Day after day,

I lay in my bed, Thinking how my

day is going to start.

Day after day,

I wonder how am I going to dress up today.
Day after day,

time is ticking away.

Day after day,

someone to be love.

Day after day,
a truth to be found.

Day after day,

another world to be found.

Days, days, days,

another day after another day.

Black Love


Poems about black love
Poems about black love

Dead Love

Do you have any idea of what you made me feel like?
Right now I feel indivisible to you.
Why’d you turn away?
From me, dad?

You knew I was hurting,
Because you were the one who was hurting me.

You put everyone you ever known,
Above me.
Girlfriends, girlfriend’s kids, materials things.

Your own daughter.
When does it stop?

Why should I even care,
Cause you were’t there,
When I was hurting.

I was left here to cry.

Did you even care that I was cutting
when I was taking pills, just to take my own
Life! ! ! ! !

You say ‘ I am listening to you’
But your really not.
Open your eyes!
open up wide!

I’m getting older and at the point were
I don’t want your sorry’s, but
your LOVE.


Black Love


Time's to see what's beneath

Time To See What’s Beneath

I just want to find a place where no one sleeps,
when all are awake.
When did we,
all just fall asleep?
Won’t anyone wake us up?
Cause someday we’re going under.
I’m tire of sleeping,
Just like I’m tired of playing your
I don’t want to play your games.

Is it any wonder I found peace through you?
Catch me,
If I fall from grace.
I’ve been looking up,
looking down,
looking to side to side,
Wondering why this world is the way it is
why so many cry.
Take the to to learn how to breath.

I want to make you see what I see.
Help us to see what’s

Black Love


Falling from grace

Falling From Grace

I remember falling.
Falling from grace.
I can’t help but let these
Tears fall.
Eyes burning up,
I gave everything I was,
Everything I had,
Everything I am.
Was I notgood enough?
Will I ever be?

Didn’t you see me slowly slipping away?
Is this was it’s like to fall?
To be forgotten forever?
The darkness holding my tightly.
No where to ecaspe.
Oh how I was I bird, so I can fly far from this place.
Maybe I’ll be saved, but for now I’m on my own.

Black Love


Black poems about love
Black poems about love

Inside Out

I’m so sick, and tire,
Infected with where I live.
Let me live without this.
Just another relationship that doesn’t work out.
There’s a knife in my back, with my friends name on them.
Trying to relax, but the pain keeps running.
I cant trust no one and covered in scars.
I Sit here locked inside my head,
Remembering everything you’ve said.
All your insults make me feel like I’m worthless.

Everywhere I go I know they’re looking down on me.
Even though they dont know me, they dont like me.
I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be, so I rather be alone.
So, Let me take back my life.
I can’t keep changing, just because you think I should.

Black Love


An anger toward yet

My Anger Towards You

He keeps on drinking, cause he lost everything.
Yeah he loved that liquor.
He said, his so sorry
But I don’t believe him.
This isn’t my problem.
any more.
I can’t example the feeling
Of belonging to someone,
So dangerous.

I’m sliping away,
Everytime I try to be more like you.
I’m disappearing and
being replace by someone else..
I had to leave you.
Well now your just another story.
While I turn to a new page.
You ask me why I’m so angry at you,
I guess I got tired of the bs.

Black Love


A mother's love

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love,

for her child, is something that can’t be understood.

A Mother’s Love,

is a unconditional love.

A Mother’s Love,
is beyond words.

A Mother

knows everything about her child and

knows what to do to make a child to calm down.

A Mother’s Love,

is to guide her child to the right path.

My Mother’s Love,
is like an angel God sent from Heaven.

Black Love


So We Love Until The End

They say you’ll always remember your first love…
I don’t (Liar) .
Or maybe I just don’t want to remember.
To relive the past
and the heartach

Guess it’s my fault for forgetting,
But it’s easy to forget, then to remember

What time has stolen from us.
Replaying the memories in my head
Loving someone you could never have.
I met my love before I was born.
In a world I find so hard to understand,
I found beauty.
Now there’s only reflection of the memory,

that once were.
What has this love done to me?
I’m in hell
Everyone can tell by the look on my face.
Not one day goes by,
I don’t find myself thinking about you.

You remind me of the times when
I knew who I was.

Perfect in weakness
But I’m only perfect in your strength and love.
We make the same mistake.
Feels like the first time,
That we fallen behind.
And we fallen way to far behind.
No one can save us
Like a dream you can’t
Wake up
We make the same mistake.
You’re my drug.
I need you, to need me.
But your gone.
Only to leave me,
Alone in this empty lie

Door slam
Your gone
Come back?
Stay gone!

You’ve wasted you time on my heart.
I can’t always give, what I have left.
So we kiss each other one more time
Love until the end.

Black Love


Nothing Last Forever

You got a face like an angel.
Well it last forever,
I don’t believe in fairytales.
Tell me things I wanna hear
Feed me lies
Eat my fear
The fear of never falling in love,
And the tears after losing.

The feelings of what you thought love was.
Fear is such a weak emotion that’s why I desipe it.
I don’t want to play these games.
Cut to the chase and get right to it.
Nothing last forever
So you can be my last regret
Life. Love. Control. Pride
Dirty lies Dirty secrets
Take the truth
I’ll take the blame

I may be dangerous,
your deadly.
Who needs true love,
Love yourself
so no one has too.

Black Love



Telling Dakota’s story, about how all her bones are broken
And how her heart is shatter into pieces.
She is left with one day of comfort,
Only because she has suffer. For just one second, felt whole.
Sorrow lives through this night.
She sat in the rain for hours. Just wanting to feel that rain.
A victim of love…
Didn’t he feel her arms wrap around him?
Was she being saved, or was she just another
Lie to make they hate?

Why should she care? If he don’t care….
A moment for what that triumph had cost.
These suitcases are a map of that country…
A terrible country
She will never revisit.
Ready to smile and love life again.

Black Love


Letting Go A Friend

When we first met, I feel like I’ve known you for eternity.

How can I walk away from you, my friend?

The secrets I have shared with only you,

the fights we have been through.

We have shared so much together

Laughter… fun times… tears;

you can always make me smile.

You accepted me, when no-one would.

My love, respect, and honor for you will never end.

Forever isn’t long enough to say I’ll be with you for ever;

You will always be in my heart and my friend

I don’t really want to let you go

but deep inside me I know I must.

I don’t want to hurt you,

but I also want the best for you

and for you to be happy.

It is for- said, that if you love that person, you’ll let them go.

But, now I must let you go.

Remember me always

and I will too.


Black Love


Angel’s Trumpet

She couldn’t sleep that night.
Sitting on the edge of the building.

Looking down at the earth,
Why was she doing up here?

Her answer would be,
best place to feel the wind and the rain.

Maybe the wind and the rain was the reason

she did what she did.
If it was, I wouldn’t know.

She was the most gorgeous woman
I’d ever seen.
Everybody thinks that
when they’re small…

But she was the most gorgeous woman,
People had ever seen.

He also thought that too.

Perfect in everyway.
I wasn’t like her. Could never come close,
She was name after the most beautiful but deadly flowers in the world.


She was an artists.
Yet, she was a creation in my eyes.
Her work, so powerful.
So talented.
She could make anything into something special, beautiful.

Always saying,
Know yourself.Know what you want.

Always Love Yourself,
Don’t Change yourself,
And stay away from broken people.

Black Love


Screams Of The Innocent Blood

Why do we have Wars?
All wars do is cause
pain, hurt, sadness and
Wars are something that shouldn’t have been brought into this world.
The blackness of wars has come.
The earth scream out,
innocent blood shed though out the earth.
What does wars do for us?
Being peace?

Wars beings pain.
So, stop the wars, and forgive and forget.

How many wars are there going to be?

One war, two war?

Win some, lose some.

stop the wars,

and no innocent blood,

will be shed.

Black Love


Who Am I

You don’t know me.

I’m a person,

with feelings, like other people.

I am a person who changes her looks,

and life style,

from time to time.

Who likes color black, red, and purple.

Who likes to eat tacos.

Who hates Mondays.
I’m a person,

who loves to go to the bleach,

and look at the blue sky,

the sun set,

and the the blue ocean.

I am a person,

Who doesn’t trust others rarely,

but after time,

I do.

I’m a person,

Who wants to be someone,

one day.

Who is free to be me and only me.

So you think you know me?

I am a person who can change her looks,

and you will never know.

So, you can never say you know me,

if you truly don’t.

Black Love


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