25 Best Soulmate Poems To Impress Your Loved One

Here are the best soulmate poems to show your partner how you really feel. They are not only intense and captivating but also heartfelt and loving.

Soulmate Poems
Soulmate Poems

My True Soulmate

My true soul mate is my world
My world by no other name is you
The only one that I can truly honestly be me
Never to feel regret for my actions
Tell my deepest darkest forgotten secrets
However hurtful reliving them is to me
Share my long thought of wildest fantasies
Whether or not we fulfil them together as one
Enjoy everything we discover together everyday
New pieces in our puzzle of life no matter how insignificant

Equally love endlessly quietly passionately
Reliving our gazes sensual touch devouring embrace

Kirstinlouise Oliver


Soulmate poems for husband
Soulmate poems for husband

You Are The Soulmate

You make me smile
hear my voice
gives the feel
touches the heart
two souls in the
same body
you are the soulmate

v.m.saraswathy munuswamy


Soulmate poems for girlfriend
Soulmate poems for girlfriend


Adrift I am
flowing through the emptiness

new moon high
your light shines upon me
frozen by your beauty

burning crimson red
my heart you hold

ripped from within by your own hands

through my open chest you leap
filling the void

you have entered me

craig smith


Soulmate love poemsSoulmate love poems
Soulmate love poems

Soulmate (Acrostic)

Sweet surrender of finding
One’s tired soul unwinding
Until life no longer matters;
Love unchains all its fetters.
Mirrored half of each other’s mess,
Aspiring always for nothing less
Than to love across life’s pages,
Either together or apart for ages.

Roshni D’Souza


Soulmate poems and quotes
Soulmate poems and quotes

Moonlight Soulmate

Soulmate of the Moon’s glow…
Hold me. Touch my cheek
Dance with me…forest steps,
Twining doves flowing upward,
Round. Again.

Breathe my hair wild…
Twirling giddy dreams
Scattering a

Sublime leaf floor…

Moving from cuddled bed,
I pick one leaf…
Murmurs out the window.

Turning, one shadow…
Leaving another.

elysabeth faslund


Short soulmate poems for him
Short soulmate poems for him

Love, Heart, Soulmate

what is true love?
we don’t know for sure
but what we know is
love makes us feel
the desire, the need, the affection

when our eyes lock,
we feel the twinkle
in our eyes
the tinkle in our stomach

our heart beat racing
fireworks going off
in the night sky
how can love make
us feel that way?

ruby heart


Black soulmate poems
Black soulmate poems


Are you out there?
Are you really for me?
Are you just like me?
Will you love me unconditionally?
Will you accept my flaws?
Will you say ‘I love you’ to me everday?
Will you express your love to me?
Will you be my light, in the dark?
Will you hold me, when I cry?
Is there really a soumate out there for me?

Am I destined to be alone?
Am I better off alone?

tiffany fawcett


this is my new update

My Soulmate….

My soulmate,
own soul
own mate
this is my latest Update

Sylvia Frances Chan

really love poems

To My Soulmate Sister

There is a wise lady
Who inspires my life.
This sweet woman
Is my uncles wife.
She has always been there
Through thick and thin.
She has never let me down
Even when things were dim.
She holds the key
That goes to my heart.

No one else can get through,
The walls just wont part.
No one else will ever know
Exactly how I feel,
But this wonderful lady
Has shown me best friends are real.
She knows everything about me,
Both inside and out.
Whenever I need her,
I only need to shout.

Candika Niada


I watch the night darkness


I watch the night darkness slowly descend,
Another lonely day has reached it’s end,
Longing for my special someone by my side,
The emptiness is like a river, deep and wide,

No one to have special memories to share,
No one to tell just how much I care,
Long intimate walks for only one,
No mate to share the setting sun,
Everywhere I see couples having fun,
Smiling and laughing as just one,
Slow dancing cheek to cheek,
Neither person having to speak,

All these things I long for too,
Finding the right mate, is all I have to do,
So for now, I gaze upon the starry night,
Dreaming of my mate in their heavenly light.

Sebrina Rreinardy


I am master of my fate


I am master of my fate
I am captain of my soul
That i have given a punishment myself
By not talking to you, When i was needed

It just like a horror of shades
When I was away from you
For me, You are the hand
Which is holding a cup of cappuccino
The soul That you are having it
you are be the master of my soul
The punishment that given to myself
It’s not enough to express my love to you

When you don’t share your word with me
It seems like That you’re not ominous
You’re not only my Sweetheart
but you’re my soulmate
Because of you anything to nature

Mandeep Biyani



Things that send souls alight hold you down like a stone
Jaded wings growing heavy before taking flight
Like a hermit at heart, who can not be alone
You are driven to those that won’t stay by your side

Bosom chums smiling kindly, adjusting your noose
Gently knocking the chair from under your feet
And those passionate sages that show you the truth
While their hand on your wallet seems almost discrete
Every time you’re betrayed it gets harder to trust
To get close, to allow the glimmer of hope
Motivations boil down to money or lust
Even charity comes with its own quid pro quo

But there’s always a soulmate out there for me
To that one, I am raising this whittled wine glass
To that cynical mug staring back from the mirror
I’ll drink, ‘cuz tonight you’re as good as it gets.

Masha Danevasha



Your kisses take my breath away
Make it hard for me to speak
Your smile just makes my day
It is only your love I seek
Your words make my heart pound
The touch of your hand makes me fly
It is my soulmate, I’ve found
It’s so magical to know your mine
In my thoughts you remain all day
You have me under a spell

From my heart you’ll never fade
It is for you I fell

lesly garza



I’ve been looking for you
I wanted you to find me
And rescue me
Take me over the rainbow
And make things better

I wanted you
To complete me

I wanted you to love me

But you are eternally elusive it would seem

You fit me
And I fit in
And all is right with the world
But it is only a dream

And you escape me as I close in
So near but always beyond my reach
Will I ever get there?

Will I find you?
Or forever be alone?

nisha dyrene


Love Soulmate

Oh my love, my soul-mate
You are so beautiful and delicate
Curve of eyebrows are so great
Come on with me on date

Your presence with me on ground
Will make me more happy and sound
To your bounty I am bound
To see your beauty all around
When I think of you I stand
Fragrance surround like garland
Beauty and love hand in hand
Touch the sky from this land

By being in love so grand
By love makes castles on land
Love and beauty in one band
Ready to stamp it’s own brand
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan


My Knight…. My Soulmate

Where are you my knight?
Come save me from this lonely plight
I’ve been waiting for you eternally
Hoping against hope quietly.

Where are you my knight, my soulmate?
I beg of you come change this fate
When will you listen to my heart’s wailing?
So crashed, I am slowly dying.
I thought you came not once but many times,
But realized they were just in disguise
Preferred to have no one and be alone
Than to live and have you in pretensions.

Come now my knight, may soulmate, I pray
Come hear my heart before I die
Time is running out, the sun is going down
In loneliness don’t let me drown.

Masked Lady



Where connection is from heart
Time and space doesn’t make us apart
You follow your destiny
I take mine
Both know well
There is another time

madhuri shukla

Soulmate And Body


Soulmate’s Inner Longings

At the transcend of time, each heart unite
Swore intense love, so deep…hoping it will last,
Weaved scenes of romantic dreams each will abide
Holding on together for fate or destiny to trust.

What is a soulmate? I have asked
Dig its meaning, found mine rather as I basked,
Feeling this inside, screaming its wants
Soul that long to have your soul, in great aspiration it hunts!
Spirit to spirit, mind to mind
Heart to heart, all of its perfect kind,
Feeling each other’s soul in every hidden cry
Even in silence, both are there giving a nice try.

Ah…how longings can be fulfilled if two souls are apart?
The passionate cries, burning sensations when it starts,
Make restless souls, Oh, how hard it does
The soul is screaming, ravaging like a mirage!

Inner Whispers



You may be surprise how I know most of the things you do
How could I read your mind, how could I see beyond you.
It’s not magic or tricks my girl.. maybe if we look beyond
Maybe it’s the what they call ‘soulmate’
Too early to notice, too early to conclude
But all the signs are pointing in that direction

How could you explain why we both like same things
Why we do things alike, why we think the same…
If it’s coincidence then why too much…

What if we believe it is really the so called ‘soulmate’
Could you see what my vision is telling me
Then just close your eyes and look inside your heart
Maybe then you’ll see the vision i’m telling you
And once again the color of love will shine

But all of this maybe are too soon.. the road is just starting to be one
The light has just turn into green, the lap still count as one..
But no matter how far the race is, how many laps there is..
Still i’ll take the race and believe it is what they call ‘Soulmate’

Mark Anthony Mendoza



It takes the two to tangle,
In the cozy warmth we mingle.
Physically we are two not resemble,
But emotionally we come to be single.

When the fire of emotion dwindles,
The fire of relationship we rekindle.
It is crude in the cradle,

But chill synergy we harvest after the struggle.

In the multitude without her I gentle,
When I saw her afar off I buckle.
We two mingle in the dark world to light up the candle,
In the mud without her I struggle.

In the atmosphere of mild i humble,
Awesome, ecstasy i cuddle
To kill the boredom like inside the jungle,

We two trigger the riddle.




Be happy my dear and loudly laugh.

Few words from her are more than enough.

Just ” I’m fine ” from her refilled your pen.

And a smile from her shines like a sun.

You can write now her thirteenth poem.

Only with her help your poetry is prime.

When she asks you what the reason of that.

Tell her probably you are my soulmate.

Omar Eldamsheety


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