Short Poems About Respect, Love, Kindness & Loyalty

Everyone wants honor and respect. It is also said to be honored so that you may be honored. Everyone, big or small, deserves respect, but man thinks from his side. Such poems of poetry can also change someone’s attitude. A collection of poems about respect and being respected. Poems about being treated well, cared for and admired for abilities and achievements. Share and tell how much respect you have for it in your heart.

Respect Each And Every One

Respect each and every one
You are for all in this procession.

The procession is for peace
And you are to present with information.

No need of information act
You are to chalk out your program and react.

Action and reactions are necessary
They are both sides of the same coin.

Accept them all
They are yours as you call.

Gajanan Mishra

Short Poems About Respect
Short Poems About Respect


Where Is The Respect

I am sitting in the back of the bus
Observing the children play
With the weather just gorgeous
On a very lovely day
A mother of two
Tries to discipline her son
He just would not listen
He just wanted to have fun
As the mother told him to sit down
He raised his foot at her
I couldn’t believe what I saw
I was left in a stare
Where is the respect
Has this boy lost his mind
The situation is looking bleak
As the boy’s behavior is so unkind

Ronell Warren Alman

Poems about respecting your parents
Poems about respecting your parents


Self Respect

Self respect is self love
Self respect provoke love for others

Self respect is GOD respect
Self respect is self norishing
Self respect is self control

Respect and love
Respect and praise
Respect and join
Respect and rejoyce
Respect and cellebrate
Respect and enjoy
For the love of god is respect.


Poem about respect and love
Poem about respect and love


Pay Respect

Pay respect to
Your Father
Your Mother
To your guide
And philosopher
Remember all
Is one and one
And He is all pervading
Omniscient and within all
Pay respect pay respect
If you fail
No one is there as
Your well-wisher
Remember, the Truth, my dear .

Gajanan Mishra

Poem on respect for elders
Poem on respect for elders


What Respect Is

have we forgotten
what respect is?
did we ever really know?

every human being deserves
the respect of every other human being,
and should respect every other

human being as well!
it has nothing to do with
color, religion, political views,

or financial status!
respect is a God given right,
and responsibility!

respect is about being human.
treat people the way you wish to
be treated… treat people like people!

Eric Cockrell

Poem about kindness


Women Respect Women

i am a woman
some women
i need to respect
few women
are not respectable
i am respecting them
a golden rule
i am respected for i am a woman
i am ought to respect other women
no matter what they do
they act
they pose
they say
i have to respect them
that is their rights
to be respected
for a woman like me
and a women like them
is essential.

Shelomith Noarbe

Women rights poem


Respect Teachers

Respect teachers
Respect elders
Respect the wise.

Be with purity
Be upright
Be with celibacy.

Make non-violence
Your principle
Penance of the body.

Gajanan Mishra


Respect My Muse

Eat what you requested for and,
Respect my muse;
Sleep on the bed you requested for and,
Respect my muse;
For this love is all about you and i! !
And like the land of sweet bananas and apples;
But, i will meet you whenever you are ready.

Edward Kofi Louis


Respect Your Dog

Respect Your Dog
Dogs have feelings like everyone else,
people treat them badly,
thinking they are beneath us.
Dogs help us spiritually, but people can’t see,
how they hurt man’s best friend dearly.
Now what species would leave its pack,
Live with another, be loyal and watch its back?
Dog is the sacrifice to save your life,
when wolf eats your dog,
you are only hurt
like an arm that’s been knifed.
Need I say more
to defend dogs galore?

Christina C Sunrise


A Lesson In Self Respect

Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you pick up a gun or strap on a bomb
And kill someone with your version of kindness
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you have a couple too many drinks
Get behind the wheel of your SUV
And kill someone with your version of having fun
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you call someone a Honky or a Nigger
And kill someone with your version of the truth
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you learn to give a damn about yourself

Ted Sheridan


Respect Time!

Respect! Respect!
Time I respect you

Time is of great essence
Respect time
Before it imposes on you a sentence
As if you have committed a crime

Time is precious like a diamond
Time must come first never second
Respect time
For time itself is the sublime

Time never waits
Time decides fates
In time itself you create
The food you eat off your plate
In time itself you love and hate
And find a partner or some mates
Respect time, underrate it not
Don’t say ‘time passed, I forgot’

There is a time to be late
There is a time to debate
There is a time to wait for someone
Before time decides to shorten the fun
Remember time waits for no one
Time also catches up with those on the run

Respect time
The essence of time
Is its continuous presence
And its everlasting absence
And denial of the past tense

Lovina Sylvia Chidi


Respect, Respect Me

Respect, respect me, I say
In every single way
Respect me day by day

Don’t put me down
When we are out and about with people around
Playing me like a fool
Portraying me as one who never went to school

Respect me sweet heart
Till life sets us apart

Respect my needs
Listen and take heed

Respect to me is what means love
And not those commonly spoken words,
‘I love you’

To respect me is to publicly and privately honour me
To respect me is to listen attentively while I speak
To respect me is to bread and butter my desire to be free
To respect me is to stand by me when I am weak

Look up! Look up to me!
I may not be perfect
Nor a genius of an intellect
Respect, respect me & our love will stand erect!

Lovina Sylvia Chidi


I Respect…

I respect, another mans religion, or color or creed.
I respect, and follow, the will of my maker.
I respect, the truth, no matter how unpopular.

I respect, a good work ethic.
I respect, the values on which this country was founded.
I respect, those who would champion the under privileged.
I respect, those of differences, who seek common ground.

I respect, the concept of monogamy.
I respect, those faithful to principal.
I respect, change, that is for the better.
I respect, an honest days work.

I respect, the great talents of the entertainment world.
I respect, thought provoking works, of the written word.
I respect, the unquenchable thirst of creativity.
I respect, the farmers and workers that toil in the field.

I respect, the good in man.
I respect, the virtue in woman.
I respect, the innocence of children.
I respect, the generosity of mankind.

Most of all…I respect the maker of
life and the love, that each of us
have within us.

(brief renderings) Joe Fazio


The Death Of Respect

The youth of today but not all I may say,
have no integrity or moral principles.

They have no qualms about who they insult
whether it be their parents or another adult.

Respect has gone out of the window
it is no longer here. It meant something
in our lifetime we held it very dear.

No-one gives up their seat to elderly
people anymore, what does it matter
old woman if your feet are sore.

They shun and ignore the older generation
as though they were not there.
they don’t give a damn they really don’t care.

They won’t be so belligerent and bold,
When they too eventually grow old.

Maybe they too will look back with sadness
by their actions, and their disgrace.
for making the world a poorer place.

And respect will stay a spectre of the past,
my god, what a pity it did not last.

Gordon Whittaker


No Respect

People stay
And pay
Scant respect

To beggars
Who stay not near?
But far from civilized world
To have their own fold

They know
And blow
With wind
And not mind

Someday some change
May come in with time edge
Who knows what may be swept away?
The fortune, wealth or greedy way

No world for beggars
No words for poor
But look backward
And then think forward

Patience they have
And silently behave too
With insult
And deep restraint

Hasmukh Amathalal


Respect To Families

Some people die unsung
Even with heroic record nothing is sung
People forget their sacrifice
Even state fails to honor the promise

Dependent families run door to door
They helplessly watch and think about neighbor
They look at far distant sky
With only one questioning mind, why?

What drives people to sacrifice?
For motherland with simple advice
“Die for honorable cause and attain heaven”
Does this sentence make sense even?

The state suffers attitude
It looses the magnitude
The cause is lost in wilderness
People resent sacrifice and painfully face

All talks of honor becomes joke
The valor is lost behind thick smoke
No youth now prefers defense job
As their fair name is deliberately robbed

Give some respect to families
They want no mercy
Give them due share
Do not give them frightening stare

Hasmukh Amathalal


Please Respect The Elderly!

Please respect the elderly!
Learn patience day-by-day…
A little love from you and me
Can go a long, long way!
God’s love towards Mankind goes on
For all eternity
And when His children must pass on,
He treats them tenderly…

Please respect the elderly!
No matter, fit or frail…
A soothing word or pleasantry,
Is hardly known to fail.
Lord Jesus died for one and all…
He died for young and old…
While young at heart we may walk tall,
In time, we’re not so bold…

Please respect the elderly!
Is that too much to ask?
Our actions prove our courtesy,
Regardless of the task…
God hears the prayers of everyone,
No matter, rich or poor.
If we do things that must be done,
God couldn’t ask for more…

Denis Martindale


Love And Respect

Love and respect
Each face with fact
That it has been blessed
By almighty and shaped

Let the white color be liked
Let the black color be disliked
God has made no difference
It has shown equal presence

If day is bright with sun
It has challenges to run
White means sacrifice and peace
Life is full of danger and not at all at ease

If nights are totally dark
They have so much to spark
Offer peace and calm
To offer you rest with no harm

See the purpose and motives
He has always remained selective
Provided us with two options
Either go for it or disown

If you love both with same eyes
You need not think more and try
The heavenly bodies are there to look after
You finish the mission and depart thereafter

Hasmukh Amathalal


Respect Women

Respect women for they bring a lot into this world
they are just more than procreators bringing in girl or a little boy.
They are the caregivers, the nurturers, and have a gentle touch
do respect feminine touch and honor it more than a bunch.
Don’t abuse women no longer on this time so dear
It shows the person who does it has no respect or integrity.

Christina Sunrise


A Call For Respect

Why do you think I am not like you?
I know I can drink and do what you can do.
I need to be a human for once in my life
I’m not the kind of person who always holds a knife.
I want to be naive like much people
I don’t want to be a thief and disagreeable.
I want to be a star that twinkles in the sky
I want to be the truth that people always deny.
I want to be a good evidence in this deceitful world
And make the insensible people know that there’s a lord.
A lord of fairness, kindness and safety
So people go out from from your cavity.
I need an answer for my serious call
To feel at least I am human who have a soul.

Reem Ehab


Respect The Territory

We are not the same human,
as we get experienced,
day by day non stop,
and we are not stagnant,
but flowing with the current,
holding hand to hand,
collecting memories of,
new relationship,
forgetting the old,
hurt and be hurt,
happy and let others to be happy.

at certain part of our life,
our sweet presence,
may become unnecessary,
to the loved ones,
so we have to pick up,
the courage and wisdom,
to draw the gentle demarcation,
where everyone will be the king and queen,
in their own territory.

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi


Let Us Respect Each Other

A black girl,
A white girl,
A black boy,
A white boy,
And all in the name of creation to crown the world with colours!
So, let us respect each other and live in peace.

Edward Kofi Louis


You Should Show Your Wife More Respect

When you have sex, it’s something you always tell.
You make love to your wife and then tell everyone all of the sexual details.
I think what you’re doing is bad.
You’re showing no respect for your wife and it makes me mad.
I’m going to tell you something that you’d better believe.
If your wife finds out what you’re doing, she might leave.

Randy Johnson


Fear No, Respect Yes

Fear no, respect yes.
For no one has the power over death.
For no one has the power change it all.
Even if you answer a million phone calls.
So to ignoring it is not to explore,
the unknown wilderness we both live in.
Even though it seems tedious and monotonous
Greatness can found in the mediocrity of all opinions and beliefs.
I’m tugging my boat along like a little chief.
I only hope I can bring some relief.

Ace Of Black Hearts


Life, Love, Jesus, Faith & Respect

Many of this world face heartbreak and failure
Broken homes, joblessness, loneliness, loss and war.
Even God’s disciples had to battle doubt and depression
As Jesus and Satan shadowed every window and door.

Throughout life we experience regret, fear and longings
While seeking love, fame, sex, revenue, and romance.
Most learn the hard way how to behave and relate
To become all that we are by servitude and chance.

God blesses those who triumph through faithfulness and love
By the way they provide, treasure and protect.
All of us suffer issues, weaknesses and shortcomings
As we celebrate life, love, Jesus, faith and respect.

Tom Zart


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