16 Encouraging Poems For Women To Make Them Strong

A woman is physically weaker than a man, but it does not mean that she is weak in every way. The secret of a man’s success is also a woman. A woman is the fulfillment of love. In every work of the world, a woman has the ability to work equal to a man. Women are an integral part of society. A family cannot exist without a woman. If you want to see yourself as a successful woman, get rid of the fear that you are somehow less than a man or that you cannot accomplish a task. Here are encouraging poems for women which will motivate and make a woman strong.

Super Woman

Encouraging Poem For Women



Poet: Ann Searoone

Did you see the sun smile over the hill,
At the break of day;
Stop to kiss the dew from the grass,
And melt the mists away?
I did!

Did you hear the whisper of a breeze
Midst the poplars along the wall;
And the music of tumbling water
Like a silver bugle call?
I did!

Did you dash for shelter when a sudden shower
Burst on a hilltop high.
Then breathlessly watch a rainbow sweep
The clouds from out the sky?
I did!

Did you ever take a thought? Hear Nature’s voice
In marvels everywhere?
And from the rainbow in the sky —
Did you read a solace there?
I did!



Poet: Emily Huntington Miller

Sometimes the storm is dark above.
Sometimes the rain is chilling;
And not a bird in all the tree
His merry note is trilling;
Yet in spite of dreary weather,
Sing my heart and I together:
“Clouds may hide the radiant skies,
Yet the sunshine never dies! “


I Did My Best

I did my best


Beautiful Thoughts

Poet: Unknown

Beautiful thoughts do not arise,
In the mind of their own volition;
You must choose your thoughts just as carefully
As you choose a friend, or physician.

It is only by thinking and living each day
On planes that are lofty and true,
That beautiful thoughts and a noble soul
Will come and abide with you.

Good thoughts are like flowers that grew from the seeds
Which you planted one day in the spring;
And since you selected the seeds which you sowed,
You knew just what flowers they’d bring.

And so are thoughts which will live in your mind,
If you will permit their admission;
The good ones will lead you to heaven and God,
While the others pave roads to perdition.

So choose well the thoughts which shall guide you each day,
Since you know what results they will bring;
Then yours will be truly a beautiful life
Which will cause you to smile and to sing.


Do Not Look For Wrong & Evil

Poet: Alice Carey

Do not look for wrong and evil,
You will find them if you do;
As you measure for your neighbor,
He will measure back to you.

Look for goodness, look for gladness,
You will meet them all the while,
If you bring a smiling visage
To the glass, you meet a smile.



Poet: Ida Mingus Clay

I know not what tomorrow may unfold,
Or where the roads, as yet untrod, may lead;
While time and tide move onward, ever bold,
With no cessation in their daily speed.
The yesterdays I cannot readorn,
Or bygone years I never can relive,
And future happenings are yet unborn,
But Now is ever here with much to give.

I have Today — a gracious gift — ornate
With four and twenty golden hours that shine,
Reflecting joyous moments that await
Beneath the skies divine. And this is mine
To use and cherish as I wend my way,
With thanks to God, for giving me Today.


Our Troubles

Poet: Unknown

They are the grime that comes from fear,
From fretting and from worry,
From what we do or do not hear —
We’ll lose them in a hurry.
May happiness come as a soap
To make the laughter — bubbles,
And wash away with cheer and hope
Each one of all our troubles.


Too Content

by Helen Gilbert

Lord, let me not be too content
With life in trifling service spent —
Make me aspire!

When days with petty cares are filled.
Let me with fleeting thoughts be thrilled,
Of something higher.

Help me to long for mental grace,
To struggle with the commonplace
I daily find;

May little deeds not bring to fruit
A crop of little thoughts to suit
A shriveled mind.


When To Be Happy

Poet: Nixon Waterman

Why do we cling to the skirts of sorrow
Why do we cloud with tare the brow?
Why do we wait for a glad tomorrow —
Why not gladden the precious now?
Eden is yours! Would you dwell within it?
Change a person’s grief to a gracious smile,
And thus have heaven here this minute
And not far off in the afterwhile.

Life, at most, is a fleeting bubble.
Gone with the puff of an angel’s breath.
Why should the dim hereafter trouble
Souls this side of the gates of death?
The crown is yours ! Would you care to win it?
Plant a song in the hearts that sigh.
And thus have heaven here this minute
And not far-off in the by-and-by.

Find the soul’s high place of beauty.
Not in a man-made book of creeds,
But where desire ennobles duty
And life is full of your kindly deeds.
The bliss is yours! Would you fain begin it?
Pave with love each golden mile.
And thus have heaven here this minute
And not far-off in the afterwhile.



Poet: Charlotte Bronte

Life, believe, is not a dream
So dark as sages say;
Oft a little morning rain
Foretells a pleasant day.
Sometimes there are clouds of gloom,
But these are transient all;
If the shower will make the roses bloom,
Oh! why lament its fall?


A Woman’s Work

Poet: Kate Summers

They say a woman’s work is never done
She always seems to be on the run.
She possesses many skills
And many jobs she does fill.

She cooks, she cleans, she does the dishes
She loves her children and grants their wishes
She dusts, and mops, and does the wash
She keeps the house looking posh.

She fixes the broken things
And to many a smile, she brings
She is unselfish in her ways
Helping others have a good day.


My Sisters

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

My sisters, in yourself, have confidence
You really do make a difference
Don’t let others put you down
Don’t let them take your joy and make you frown.

My sisters, follow your dreams
Don’t let others take away what you believe
As long as to yourself you stay true
It is amazing what you can do!

My sisters, you are unique in every way
Thank God for the gifts He gives you every day
Your life is full of blessings if stop and look
Life is easier when you have a positive outlook!


Give Your Old Clothes Away

Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

You wonder at that and think it is wrong.
Wait, and I’ll explain what I say.
On what conditions it seems to be right.
To give your old clothes away.

You, wealthy and blessed with abundant stores,
Come in contact with those every day,
On whom you could confer untold good,
By giving your old clothes away.

Then if you don’t frequent the dry good’s shops.
Who’ll purchase their contents so gay?
Surely not the poor class of people.
To whom you should give old clothes away.

By giving merchants your custom, clothes to the needy,
Buying a fresh suit for yourself, displeasing to none,
Behold how much at one time you’d do,
Kill three birds with only one stone.

It teaches your daughters economy, you say,
But it’s a tendency toward miserly doing,
From which bad habits might eventually rise.
Nor hardly the path for young feet’s pursuing.

A story goes of one woman who economized,
And planned sedulously, work upon her lap,
And when the day drew to a close.
She’d made from out a sheet, a whole night-cap.

Yet economy, how highly we prize it,
Economy of a kind that will pay.
But true economy on the whole, ‘twould seem,
Would it not? to give old clothes away!


Wise Words

Poet: Unknown

If your efforts are criticized,
you must have done something worthwhile.

If someone calls you a fool,
go into silence and meditate because he may be right.

If a dull day comes along,
it gives you time to think out plans to make the next one brighter.

If someone has put something over on you,
remember there are more than a hundred and twenty million people in America who
have never played you a single nasty trick.

If you have tried to do something and failed,
you are vastly better than if you had tried to do nothing and succeeded.


We All Might Do Good

Poet: G. L. Banks

We all might do good
Where we often do ill –
There is always the way
If there be but the will;
Though it be but a word
Kindly breathed or suppressed,
It may guard off some pain,
Or give peace to some breast.

We all might do good
In a thousand small ways –
In forbearing to flatter,
Yet yielding due praise;
In spurning ill rumor,
Reproving wrong done,
And treating but kindly
The heart we have won.

We all might do good
Whether lowly or great,
For the deed is not gauged
By the purse or estate;
If it be but a cup
Of cold water that’s given;
Like the widow’s two mites,
It is something for heaven.


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