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I pray to God for you to live in peace, security and love with your family and friends. He may not accept my prayer immediately but I hope he will accept it. Today we have collected for you such beautiful Poems of Praise that you will surely enjoy reading and sharing with your loved ones. Let’s get started

poems of praise to god
Poem of praise to god

Tears to Weep

When I lay me down to sleep,
And cry the tears that sinners weep;
To speak the words of a contrite prayer,
And know that someone listens there.

He cares for sheep that have gone astray,
Who willfully wander their own way;
They vex the pride that hides within,
And drink the bitter cup of sin.

The web of lies and dark deception,
Lie in defeat of Light’s conception;
To capture all and destroy life,
With passion’s fire and human strife

We need to plant the gospel vine,
Where evil rules and saints repine.
While martyrs lead with ransomed prayer,
With hope for life that tarries there.

Blood that was shed on Calvary,
Set slaves of transgression wholly free.
So we rise from the grave to seek reward,
Giving praise to our risen Lord.

elizabeth wesley

praise poetry in english
Praise poetry in english


I praise you because
you are artist and scientist
in one. When I am somewhat
fearful of your power,
your ability to work miracles
with a set-square, I hear
you murmuring to yourself
in a notation Beethoven
dreamed of but never achieved.
You run off your scales of
rain water and sea water, play
the chords of the morning
and evening light, sculpture
with shadow, join together leaf
by leaf, when spring
comes, the stanzas of
an immense poem. You speak
all languages and none,
answering our most complex
prayers with the simplicity
of a flower, confronting
us, when we would domesticate you
to our uses, with the rioting
viruses under our lens.

Ronald Stuart Thomas

poem of praise 3, 4 letters
Poem of praise 3, 4 letters


Dear God,

With faith* in You, I ask for:

continuous thankful heart
constant worshipful spirit
consistent faithful stewardship
ceaseless praise-filled soul
continual loving devotion…

believing that YOU surely can grant these
as I live for YOU and minister to others.

Your assured gifts I earnestly claim — in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen!

Beata Agustin

praise song for the day
Praise song for the day

To You Alone

I cannot comprehend our great Creator’s mind –
How every galaxy He perfectly designed.
How every atom in the universe is His,
Ordered and known by Him, as all creation is;
No eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard,
No mind ever conceived the secrets known
To Him alone.

No mind can fully grasp the myst’ry of your ways –
Joyful the heart that trusts and gladly renders praise
For such an awesome love that sent your Son to die.
How could that love extend to sinners such as I?
I may not ever know why you would choose to show
Your grace to sinful man – though once concealed,
Through Christ revealed.

Unworthy are my words your glory to express –
Loosen my tongue O Lord, your praises to profess.
Though we don’t know in full, we know enough to trust
That you are perfect, wise, all-loving, good, and just.
No eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard,
No mind ever conceived the secrets known
To You alone.

John Watt

I share my soul
Poem of Praise

I Share My Soul

A pair of morning-doves preen and prim
snuggled close on their favorite limb.
Cooing low, they wake a sleeping sun,
and give praise for a new day begun.

A slip of a ghostly moon rides low,
wearing its light like a pale halo.
And Sol ascends, master of the day,
heralding dawn’s breathtaking display.

Vapors shed crystal tears on the grass,
depositing dewdrops clear as glass.
And blooming flowers imbue the air
with a sweet fragrance, beyond compare.

Palms clad in a green southern motif
tickle skies with a feathery leaf.
And skittish crabs play tag with the waves,
darting in and out of flooded caves.

Sipping wine while enjoying the show,
we greet the day with a happy glow.
And as romance and nature combine,
I share my soul with my Valentine.

Emile Pinet

evening dew
Poems about praising god

Evening Dew

When twilight’s spectral fingers fold
Sweet blossoms of every hue;
Some half opened bud will hold
Its pearls of evening dew.

Touched with every sunshine hour
The eternal earth has shown
All the perfume of the flower
Till it finally becomes its own.

We that wait may never find
A chance to sing our praise;
For memories we seek to bind
Take the scent of fading days.

The poet who has never spent
His words in futile strain;
For him the misty dewdrops lent
Their diamonds to the rain.

Unfastened in their fragrant bell
They tell their own dear tale;
Then from the cloud from which they fell
Their haunting scents exhale.

elizabeth wesley


To Take Each Day As It Comes

To take each day as it comes
To gratefully praise The One
Joyfully face the new dawn’s grace,
That’s now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it comes
To guard my thought as it roams
On anything or anyone
That’s now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it comes
To be careful with my words
To use the value of my hands
That’s now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it comes
To do everything I can
And bring a smile to not just one
That’s now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it comes
To celebrate other’s gain
Not consciously cause another’s pain
That’s now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it comes
Not all the time comes the sun
For sorrow comes to everyone
And that I must understand.

To take each day as it comes
And know that I’m but a man
I will be glad, life’s not that bad
And do my part in God’s plan.

Kim Patrice Nunez


I Believe in God

I do believe that God made all things right.
Let us rejoice for all is bright since God
In kindness made this world in harmony.

For look, is not the sea so full of food ?
What would we do without sardines and whales?
And aren’t our fields so full of corn and wheat?

Do not the trees grow fruit that satiates?
Could we desist from eating all apples?
Our orchards are full of delicious fare.

The forest praise, it purifies our air.
Thank God for palms, and oaks and the tall spruce,
The bushy hazels and silver birches,
The Lord created trees for our pleasure.

I know God’s great creation were the birds.
I love so much to see them fly so high.
I am delighted by their melodies
Admire the elegance of their light flight.

Bless the wind, with all its various forms
They clear the clouds and pollinate the trees.
Did God create not such forces in vain?

So full of joy, rejoice and bless the Lord.
It is a must to take good care. Praise God.

Victor Buhagiar


My soul on paper

Lord I pour my soul out on paper
And I write the words in my heart
Lord you are my savior
I can’t imagine a life without you in my heart
For you alone are worthy
You alone I worship and adore
Lord I praise you with songs I sing in my heart
Fill the earth with your glory
Fill us with your love
Lead us down the straight path
Show us the way to your light
Let us bow before the throne of God
And exalt your name on high

Yvonne Stine


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