How Much I Love You Poems | Why Do I Love You Poems

We find love poems that express your love emotions in beautiful words. Do you know how much I love You? Why do I love you? Read your favorite poems.

How Much I Love You Poems 

how much i love you poems
How Much I Love You Poems

I Love You

I never really knew you.
You were just another friend,
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.

I couldn’t help past memories
That would only make me cry.
I had to forget my first love
And give another try.

So I’ve fallen in love with you,
And I’ll never let you go.
I love you more than anyone.
I just had to let you know.

My feelings for you will never change.
Just know my feelings are true.
Just remember this one thing –
I will always love you.

© Dave Lawrie


I Love You

Your are truly the perfect one for me,
After you read this poem, you will see,
I didn’t believe in love till I looked at you,
Now I know and I will always be faithful and true,
I looked at you, you looked so fine,
Damn baby, you don’t know how glad I am that you’re mine,
When we started going out you brought joy into my life,
I just wanna love you and I want you to be my wife,
My love for you is so, so true,
That’s why I give all my heart to you,
You don’t know how long I’ve been searching,
And how long I’ve been wishing,
For an angel like you to enter my lonely life,
For you I will die, for you I will strive,
Other guys might have hurt you, broke your heart in two,
But thus something I will NEVER EVER do,
Thus how I know you’re the one for me,
I will always and forever cherish thee,
Anytime you’re lost or can’t see the light,
I’ll guide you, fight for you with all my might,
You touched my body, you touched my soul,
Because of my baby, my world is no longer cold,
You’re my lover, my very best friend,
My love for you will NEVER EVER end,
You make me happy, you make me smile,
You’re the only thing that makes my life worthwhile,
You’re the perfect girl for me,
Cause you’re my future wife to be,
Every night I sleep I think of you,
And all the things we do,
Every day I’m awake I think of you,
And how I’d do anything for you,
And I promise I’ll be strong,
To love you even if people think its wrong,
I will love you always, each and every day.

© Dillon


Thinking Of You

I always think of you.
In my sleep,
in my dreams,
I always think of you.
All night all day, hoping you’re all right,
I always think of you,
Wishing that you were thinking of me too.
Every minute, every second of the day, I think of you.
I really do.
All because…I love you.

© Persiah


why do i love you poems
Why do I Love You Poems For Her

I Love You So Much

Baby, I love you so.
Baby, you are my heart and soul.
I feel I could spread wings and fly
Every time I gaze into your eyes.

Baby, I love you so.
Baby, you are my heart and soul.
I could never ever leave you.
Forever together, our love is true.

Baby, I love you so.
Baby, you are my heart and soul.
Our hearts beat as one
As we gaze in love stronger than the sun.

Baby, I love you so.
Baby, you are my heart and soul.
Our lives have been infinitely entwined.
Our love is truly one of a kind.

Baby, I love you so.
Baby, you are my heart and soul.
Forever together is what we’ll be.
Forever together, Baby, just you and me.

© Eric D”Amico


I love you

You’re my special love beyond compare,
A star shining above the rest,
I desire for you to be aware,
To me you’re the absolute best,

I need you near me everyday,
To make my life much better,
I need your soft lips to press against mine,
your soft arms wrapped around me tightly,

I try to find the words,
To express the feeling in my heart,
I try to show you that I care,
but I don’t know where to start,

I guess I’ll start right here,
and I guess I’ll start right now,
I’ll tell you that I love you,
and I’ll tell you why and how,

You are the one who brightens my day,
with your smile bright and glowing,
You are the one whom I wake up for,
each and every morning,

As I look into your eyes,
It’s hard for me to say,
My love and care grows,
With each passing day,

With my heart’s passion,
And feelings so true,
I can’t help but say,
I’m in love with you,

So, when I say I Love you,
I mean it from the bottom of my heart,
You’ve healed me when I was so sick,
I believe you’re in me, not far apart.

© Ali


Always Marry An April Girl

Praise the spells and bless the charms,
I found April in my arms.
April golden, April cloudy,
Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy;
April soft in flowered languor,
April cold with sudden anger,
Ever changing, ever true —
I love April, I love you.

© Ogden Nash


So Happy And So Proud

Thoughts of you surround me.
You’re the beating of my heart.
The love you give defines me.
My life is no longer dark.

You give your hand so sweetly.
I am lost if you’re away.
You have me so completely.
I cherish you night and day.

Without your breath I cannot live.
I need your lips on mine.
Nothing at all I wouldn’t give.
I’ll take nothing and be fine.

For in your arms I’m always home,
So happy and so proud.
Never a day you’ll feel alone,
And I’ll yell it oh so loud…


© Scott Sabatini


My Love Rises

If “Be there for you”
Is all my real life about
And “Satisfy your vow”
Are all my attempts about,
Will faith still be our value?

If the fact of being nice,
Could be a good advice.
If I look into your eyes,
It shall not melt like ice,
And cause sorrow to rise!

If there are hate and love,
And, randomely, lothsome
Is part of our unused words,
Love, on purpose, should be
One of used, in preference!

If love is designed for us,
And, in fact, has no cost,
If we know of the beginning,
& are unconscious of the end,
Shouldn’t we take advantage?

If you wake up tomorrow,
Your path seems to be narrow,
Our planbet reduced in size,
And goods decreased in prices,
Know that my true love rises!

© Thermidor Jhonny


Why Do I Love You Poems

beautiful friendship poetry
I Love You Poems For Him

Do you still love me?

You cheated on me
but i guess that’s in the past.
you say you love me
but will it last?

I love you so much
I cant stand to be without you.
I would miss your sweet touch
and your warming kiss.

You say you love me
but it has to be a lie.
if you leave me
I know i will die!

We are going out for the third time
I don’t know what to do.
Your parents hate me
I wish it wasn’t true.

Do you still Love me?
I need you to be near.
I love you so much.
I have held you to dear.

© Amanda


I love you because

I love you because
you are honest and strong
right here, in my arms
is where you belong
you hold me ,console me
and you are my best friend
i can,t live without you
no need to pretend.
i love you because
you light up my days
fill my heart and my soul
with your sweet loving ways
i love you because
you never pretend
and if i,m hardheaded
you allways give in
you,re so easy to love
so hard to forget
faithfull and true
since the day that we met
i could search the world over
and still never find
a love like yours
you are one of a kind
i love you because
you are quick to forgive
overlooking my faults
each day that i live
so slow to anger
so quick to respond
to my loving wishers
above and beyond

© Leah


I’m Still In Love With You

I know that this love is real
Because of the feelings I get inside
It’s something I’ve never felt before
And it’s nothing I can try to hide

I go around telling the world
How much you mean to me
It’s not something that I’m ashamed of
I’m in love, and I’m very proud to be

You hold me close to your heart
And take away all my fears
Even when I’m scared and upset
You always wipe away my tears

Every time we’re together
Our kisses are so pure and true
If I could be with you everyday, I would
Just spend all my time with you

I love it how you hold me
And look directly into my eyes
Everything about you is perfect
And there’s nothing I despise

So just in case you were wondering
I would leave you never
I love you with all my heart
And want to be with you forever

© Nirea


perpose poems for boyfriend
How much I love you poems

Every Time You Say I Love You

Every time you say I love you,
My heartbeat goes insane.
The sensation of your love for me
Is almost like a pain.

And the sparkle in your eyes
Every time we speak,
It sends shivers down my spine
And makes my body weak.

Every time you say I love you,
Your smile lights up my face,
Makes me melt all over,
While my heart begins to race.

And when you kiss me softly,
My lips quiver at the touch.
I am overwhelmed with joy
That you love me very much.

My whole being surrenders
With everything you do,
And all because those precious words
You say …. are …. I LOVE YOU.

© Shelagh Bullman


I Love The Way

I love the way you love me
Regardless of what I do
I know you’ll never leave me
Your love will always be true

I love the way you hold me
So tight in your arms
You give me all I ever wanted
Make me feel safe from any harm

I love the way you kiss me
Within I’m set afire
You make me week in the knees
Melt my heart with desire

I love your beautiful eyes
And your cute little nose
Your sexy legs turn me on
Love your body from head to toe

I love the way I need you
To be part of my everyday life
I love that I can call you my husband
And call myself your wife

I love the way you make me smile
Even when you aren’t around
And the way you make me laugh
You always turn my frown

I love the way you take my breath away
Every time I look at you
You make me feel so complete
In everything I do

I love to watch you sleeping
To listen to the beating of your heart
I love to wake up next to you
To my day, a perfect start

I love the special memories
We have created together
The future holds so many more
That will be cherished forever

I love to make you happy
Strive so hard to make you feel
All the love I have for you
Reassure you it is real

I love your passion for your interest
Your intelligence in all you do
But most of all
I just love you for you.

© Melissa Scudgington


Alphabet Of Love

Again I’m sitting with pen in my hand and paper in front of me,
Breaking all the doors, trying to set my feelings free.
Carefully I’m choosing the words to write.
Don’t want to keep anything inside.
Everything inside me I want to say.
For so long I’ve been trying day after day.
Guessed it’s easy, but it’s not in any way.
How hard I tried to tell you
In every way, but I couldn’t do so.
Just simple words I have to write,
Kinda magical words that’ll make everything right.
Love you deeply from the bottom of my heart.
My life means nothing when we’re apart.
No one but you can make me feel that complete.
Ooh, my love we are meant to be; that’s our fate.
Please stay with me for always and forever.
Quit anything, but leave me never.
Right inside my heart you will always be.
So happy I feel when you are with me.
To you I hope to be always near.
Unique is the way along you I feel.
Very happy, flying without wings.
What a joy to my heart your touch brings.
X-tremly perfect I feel near you.
Yes, my love, that’s what I want you to know.
Zillions of words I have in my heart to say, and all of them are true.

© Noha Nader


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