I Believe in God Poems

I Believe in God Poem

What is your belief? You believe in God. What God do you believe in? These are questions that are necessary to know a religion. Here are ‘I Believe in God Poems’ related to the Christian faith or perhaps to another faith that are recited to show the strength of one’s faith. I Believe ======== Credo …

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5 Inspirational God Cares For You Poems

God Cares For You Poems

These short ‘God Cares For You Poems’ remind us that God cares for us. Never think that God doesn’t care about us. He is always with us whenever there is a problem. It is up to us how much we miss him. In many places in the Bible it is said that He is with …

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Sin Separates Us From God Poems

Sin Separates Us From God Poem

Sin Separates Us From God These words make it clear to us that we must return to God. Do good deeds. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins. Sin Separates Us From God Poems encourage us to examine our sins and put an end to them. Cleansing Tears ========= No Fishing! Greta Zwaan, © 2010 …

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20 Touching Poems About Jesus Christ Love

Poems about Jesus love

Jesus Christ the Son of God who changed the world like no one can change. Jesus Christ is called by different names like: God’s only begotten Son, The Prince of Peace, Immanuel, Light of The World, Messiah, Son of Man, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace and many more. Here are some …

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18 Famous Poems About The Bible

Famous Poems About The Bible

Various poems have been collected about Biel, hopefully these poems will motivate you to read the Bible. Various people tried to destroy the Bible but all their efforts failed and it is still considered as a bestseller. The Bible is difficult to understand because it was written 1000 years ago. There are different excellent study …

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Trust In God Poems

Trust In God Poem

When there is faith and trust in God, everything looks good. Trust in God, He will do better. Surely such words will strengthen your faith and you will see your circumstances change. Read here best Christ Trust In God Poems. Hope And Trust ========= Trust In God, And Do The Right Poet: Norman McLeod Courage, …

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God Will Provide Poems, Messages

God Will Provide Poems

God will provide us at the right time, His time is the right time. His provisions are beyond our imagination. All we need is to trust God. God Will Provide Poems will strengthen faith in God. The Lord Will Provide ========= God Will Come Through Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©1998 Is the answer “No” too hard …

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14 Famous Poems About Spirituality

Famous poems about spirituality

Find a collection of Poems About Spirituality that will soothe your soul. It will remind you of life and the hereafter. Maybe you are worried and want to find peace. Spiritual poems are a great source of peace. Thy Choice – Which? ========= Miracles Poet: John F. Zurn, © 2014 The power of love is …

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10 Best Poems About Church

Poems About Church

Church poems show us the importance of the church. Going to church can be different for everyone but one thing is common that there is worship and thanksgiving to God. This is the place where all the sorrows of the world are forgotten. Man feels happiness and peace. Poets have chosen their own best words …

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