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When there is faith and trust in God, everything looks good. Trust in God, He will do better. Surely such words will strengthen your faith and you will see your circumstances change. Read here best Christ Trust In God Poems.

Hope And Trust

Trust In God Poem


Trust In God, And Do The Right

Poet: Norman McLeod

Courage, brother! do not stumble,
Though thy path be dark as night;
There’s a star to guide the humble;
Trust in God and do the right.

Let the road be rough and dreary,
And its end far out of sight,
Foot it bravely! strong or weary,
Trust in God and do the right.

Perish policy and cunning!
Perish all that fears the light!
“Whether losing, whether winning,
Trust in God and do the right.

Trust no party, sect, or faction;
Trust no leaders in the fight;
But in every word and action,
Trust in God and do the right.

Trust no lovely forms of passion –
Friends may look like angels bright;
Trust no custom, school, or fashion,
Trust in God and do the right.

Simple rule and safest guiding,
Inward peace and inward might,
Star upon our path abiding, –
Trust in God and do the right.

Some will hate thee, some will love thee,
Some will flatter, some will slight:
Cease from man and look above thee;
Trust in God and do the right.


Trust God

God trust poem


God Is With You

Poet: Alexa A. M. Hebert, © 2020

Are you sick
Are you sad
Well pray to God
And you’ll be glad

Take a sleep
Take a rest
And let God do the rest
For He loves you

Today, tomorrow
You’ll feel the best
As God said He’ll do the rest
For God is for you every day.


This I Know

Poet Unknown

I do not know what next may come,
Across my pilgrim way;
I do not know this next year’s road,
Nor see beyond today;
But this I know, my Saviour knows
The path I can not see;
And I can trust His wounded hand
To guide and care for me.

I do not know what may be mine
Of glowing skies’ or rain;
I do not know what may befall
Of pleasure or of pain;
But this I. know, my Father sends
My sunshine and my shade
And naught that comes from out His love,
Can make my soul afraid.

I do not know what may await,
Or what this next year brings,
But with a glad salute of faith
I hail its opening wings.
For this I know, that in my Lord
Shall all my need be met;
And I can trust the heart of Him
Who has not failed me yet.


Our 24-7 God

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2008

If God says, “Jump,” do we fear to obey Him?
Can He be trusted that He will perform?
Is there a chance, a slight possibility,
He’d turn His back and laugh you to scorn?

Has He been proven to always be faithful?
Will He be willing to carry it through?
How can you trust Him, what is His objective?
Is there a purpose distinctly for you?

Is it your thought that God chose at random,
Simply to let you roam on this earth?
Why should He care what daily befalls you?
What has He done since the day of your birth?

Think on these things: Who daily sustains you?
Who is the One who knows every thought?
Who is the One who bears all your burdens?
Who holds you up when you are distraught?

Who can foretell, precisely each moment?
Who is the one who numbers each hair?
Who knows your path before you have planned it?
Who can give hope when you’re full of despair?

If on your own, would you have the resources?
Could you create all the things that you need?
If crops needed rain, would you know the procedure?
If you talked to the clouds, do you think they would heed?

Have you the strength to bear the world’s burdens?
Are you able to dry a child’s tears?
Have you the means to comfort the sorrowing?
Can you control their turmoil and fears?

Are you disturbed by the crime all about you?
Can you make laws that will be obeyed?
Are you concerned by the world’s grave condition?
Does it bring you tears, are you fully dismayed?

Now that you’re aware of your weakness and failures,
Now that you see that you’re without power,
Give God the reigns, for He is discerning,
He is the fortress, a strong, mighty tower.

Of all those you know, He alone can be trusted,
He knows each day how you should proceed,
He holds your hand through the deep, darkest valley,
He knows the path and He’ll willingly lead.

God is our Lord, and as well, He’s our Father,
He has allowed His grace to provide,
He is well worthy of all adoration,
24-7 God’s by our side.


The Sparrow’s Fall

John McLeod, ©1982

The sparrow’s fall
Is seen by God above
For He sees all
For all within His love
And caring
Are protected, kept from harm
In sharing of the life-force
Brightly warm.

The sparrow’s fall
Personifies our way
For we, like sparrows, fall
Each earth-bound day;
In truth, believe He cares
Though time grows still,
You pain He quietly shares
And ever will.


Stand Thou The Test!

Poet: John Imrie

Let not your heart, my friend,
Be troubled, nor afraid.
Thy God relief shall send.
Trust, then, His promised aid;
He doth not sleep,
He will thee keep.
If thou on Him doth stay
He’ll guide thee on thy way!

Trust not to self, my friend,
But put thy trust in God;
Thy heart in meekness bend.
Even ‘neath His chastening rod:
Stand thou the test,
Tried gold is best,
From dross and sin set free –
The Master’s image see!

Walk ever bravely on –
God is at thy right hand,
His strong arm lean upon –
Firm shalt thou ever stand;
By night or day
He knows the way,
He’ll guide thee with His eye
Up to the realms on high!

Soon shall thy journey end
In perfect peace and love,
Where angels shall attend
And welcome thee above;
Life’s race well run.
Well done! well done!
Thus enter into rest
Those that have stood the test!



Poet: Mrs. M. F. Butts

Make a little fence of trust
Around to-day;
Fill the space with loving work,
And therein stay.

Look not through the sheltering bars
Upon to-morrow;
God will help thee bear what comes
Of joy or sorrow.


I Can Trust

Poet: Unknown

I cannot see, with my small human sight,
Why God should lead this way or that for me;
I only know he saith, “Child, follow me.”
But I can trust.

I know not why my path should be at times
So straitly hedged, so strongly barred before;
I only know God could keep wide the door;
But I can trust.

I find no answer, often, when beset
With questions fierce and subtle on my way,
And often have but strength to faintly pray;
But I can trust.

I often wonder, as with trembling hand
I cast the seed along the furrowed ground,
If ripened fruit will in my life be found;
But I can trust.

I cannot know why suddenly the storm
Should rage so fiercely round me in its wrath;
But this I know–God watches all my path,
And I can trust.

I may not draw aside the mystic veil
That hides the unknown future from my sight;
Nor know if for me waits the dark or light;
But I can trust.

I have no power to look across the tide,
To see, while here, the land beyond the river;
But this I know, I shall be God’s forever;
So I can trust.


God Knoweth Best

Poet: J. Grant Anderson

When softly falls the dew at eventide,
Then, tired, we lay ourselves away to rest;
Confiding: in the One who knoweth best,
We trust in him and nothing- else beside.

What if dark demons oft attack our soul,
And friends forsake, and parents look with scorn?
We’ll trust in God; he’ll keep from every harm.
We’ll live for him while endless ages roll.

What if misfortune comes? It comes to all;
Look ye on him who died upon a tree;
Acquaint thyself with One who mourned for thee,
And trust in him whate’er thy life befall.

Some day we’ll reach that land of peace and rest,
Behold our loved ones who have gone before,
Enjoy the beauties of that clime forevermore,
Because we trusted him who knoweth best.



Poet: Eliza L. Martyn

Here on this neck of land
I stand.
The ocean breaks with sullen roar;
Its white-capped waves dash on the shore,
And, parting-, sink to rise no more.

A stormy restless sea
Taunts me!
On either hand skies, waters meet,
Without one sail my eyes to greet,
While rising tides wash o’er my feet.

I walked with backward tread.
He led
Me through the stretch of fertile land,
Through barren wastes of rock and sand,
And here I wait – wait his command.

Waiting, his love I fully trust.
I must!
I know his hand will set me free,
And though the way I can not see,
I know his love is guiding me.


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