God Has A Plan Poems

God’s plan is always right, He has the best plan for us, and He is with us every step of the way. Sometimes it seems that God has forgotten us but He is not at all He is always with us sometimes in the valleys of grief, sometimes in the dark night, sometimes when loved ones are gone. The belief that God is merciful will lift us out of despair and make us strong. Read “God Has A Plan Poems” and strengthen your faith in God.

God’s Plans Are Right

God Has A Plan Poem

The Finished Product

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

Skills are not enough to win, tenacity is needed,
Dreams are not fulfilled by a mere thought;
Life’s achievements come about through efforts, pain and hardships,
Worthwhile causes never can be bought.

Anything worth doing needs to be well tended,
Deeply probed and searched right to the core;
Viewed from every angle, scrutinized and pondered
Finding deep conviction, wanting more.

Faith is penetrating, deep and everlasting,
Drawing one to values yet unknown;
Bringing change and challenge, drawing new perspectives,
Planting seeds that prayer and trust have sown.

God alone the Reaper, Christ the Mediator,
With the Spirit’s aid drew forth a plan;
Structured from creation, driven by compassion,
Reconciliation made for man.

We need but accept it, for the work is finished,
Man can be at peace and feel secure;
Nothing can be added, nothing can be altered,
All has been achieved and will endure.


You Can Count On It

Poet: Alexa A. M. Hebert, © 2020

God’s got a plan
So don’t be sad
And, don’t be bad
Just be glad.

When you are blue
Know that God is true
Trust Him each day
It will all be okay.

Don’t worry or be sappy
Live your life and be happy.
He loves you, no matter what
You can count on that!


God’s Plan

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

I sat alone in the darkness, feeling the weight of my pain,
Bemoaning the stress of my illness – will I ever be healthy again?
How long will this ordeal possess me? How long must I travel this road?
While others around me are happy, I struggle to carry this load.

Perhaps you think I’m complaining that I’ve been dealt a hard deal,
Compared with folks all around me, sometimes that’s just how I feel.
There’s much I’d still like to offer, so many things I could do,
But I’m stuck in this valley of illness, of so little value to You.

If I could but fathom the reason, if somehow I knew what’s at hand,
My heart would feel a bit lighter, if only I could understand.
Knowing, I’d probably accept this, searching to find strength somehow,
But, walking alone in this darkness, there’s no one to comfort me now.

My child, I sit here beside you, your burdens I equally share;
When night falls and you are so lonely, remember that I am still there.
I’d gladly remove all these trials, I’d gladly remove all your pain,
But now, being tried as by fire, you are the one who will gain.

Compassion and patience will triumph, you’ll find new insights in life,
The smell of the roses will charm you when through with your illness and strife.
Oh yes, there’ll be a tomorrow, you’ll look back and one day you’ll see,
The learning process was worth it – it drew you closer to Me.

On the whole, you’re always so busy, I just had to set you aside,
You needed time to consider, a time to sit and abide.
Take your eyes off your problems, rest in the peace I supply,
Be assured that I love you; all will be well by and by.


God Has A Plan

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2008

God’s hands have an inscription, carved with indelible ink,
An eternal, lifelong reminder of a loving, incredible link.
With His hands He brought forth creation, drawing lines between land and sea,
Filling the earth with flowers and every imaginable tree.

Grasses of every description, birds that would trill out in song,
Animals that were companions; contented, they all got along.
Then came the final, grand moment – from the dust God created man,
To tend the herbs from the garden, fulfilling this marvelous plan.

Just to make everything perfect, God made a companion:
He formed a helpmate for Adam, a woman.
Together they had all they needed, there was nothing their hearts could request;
They were placed in a perfect surrounding, they were richly and most wonderfully blessed.

God even walked in the garden, communing with them face to face;
Man, made in God’s own image, dwelling there in amazing grace.
There was nothing man could desire, all of his needs had been met,
The crowning touch of creation, everything perfect … and yet;

Man took a lusting for wisdom, Satan was quick to respond,
With lies he presented an offer, with lies he severed the bond.
The prefect union was broken, Satan accomplished his goal,
Man stood at odds with God’s promise; man no longer was whole.

Banished from all that was perfect, now he must struggle alone,
Satan would only confuse him, trying to make him his own.
The struggle for man is continual, Satan’s devices are shrewd,
But God is a God of great mercy; the hope of man is renewed.

God sent the means of salvation – His Son bore the grief of mankind,
The guilt was removed at Golgotha, where mercy and love were entwined.
This world is no longer perfect, humanity struggles till death,
Yet there is a wonderful future when man finally breathes his last breath.

If he has surrendered to Jesus, acknowledged He’s in control,
Then God will renew the transaction, and man will be blessed in his soul.


Blood On My Door

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2017

There’s blood on my door; my sin is no more;
Amazing! For my deep, dark past.
Nobody knew what I have gone through;
But I know, and I’m free at last!

Wonderful thought, my freedom was bought;
My future is bright and secure.
I struggled, I fought; it all came to ‘naught,
Twas all I could do to endure.

But God saw my plight while trying to fight,
My efforts to set myself free;
My feeble attempt could never exempt –
My tally was too great for me.

For sin takes its toll, it darkens the soul;
It ends up in heartache and pain.
I worked to be free, but never could see
Till I received mercy again.

But God had a plan – salvation for man
Brought forth before eons of time.
I could not win my fight against sin;
It seemed like a sentence for crime.

Then God saved my soul,
Made me every whit whole;
Eternity settled it all.
I had to believe, then simply receive;
I heard, then I answered the call.


Lessons for Moses

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

It took God forty years to shape a grown man,
He did not compromise His work, and altered not His plan.
The vessel that He planned to change had known wealth and power,
Sequestered in the wilderness, relied on God each hour.

The choices that were once his own no longer held their sway,
T’was God who held the upper hand and He would have His way.
He knew he’d come full circle from poverty to fame,
From floating in a basket to having royal claim.

A cradle in the water to a bed of feathery ease,
From the muddy Nile River to servants at his knees.
Then forced into the desert because of violent crime,
Alone, almost deserted, with nothing left but time.

Reduced to a mere mortal, no slaves at his command,
The big, blue sky above him, his feet on desert sand.
With God his lone companion, with sheep that he must tend,
No luxuries that pampered, no boisterous royal friend.

Twas there God taught him patience to hear His loving voice,
Twas there God gave instructions, ’twas there he made his choice.
In fear and trepidation, no longer filled with pride,
Accepted his assignment, with only God as his guide.

His wandering days were over, God’s people must be freed,
The Egyptian rule was over – that’s what God had decreed.
The obstacles were many, the challenges severe,
But faith brought strong persistence and helped destroy the fear.

Eventually they conquered, the Jews were finally free,
Moses, God and Aaron would claim the victory!

Obedience is the answer, God settles for no less,
The road may not be easy, the journey filled with stress.
But always He’s the victor, endurance is the clue:
Like Moses, learn your lesson – God has a plan for you.


Stop It!

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1997

Stop it! Stop it! You’re heading in the wrong direction!
Feel the wind of God – it offers true protection.
Not a force like hurricanes, nor to fill with terror,
No tornado-power assault striking fear and peril.

This calm wind, a soft, cool breeze gently tugs at heart strings,
Power, silent, great effect, filling, moves to change things.
It can’t be seen, it can’t be heard, but feel its mighty power:
Drawing, moving, swaying souls, lifting lives once dour.

Those who fear to speak to man of God’s love and kindness,
Filled now with this awesome gift, look back at their blindness.
The Holy Spirit, this gentle wind – kind and yet persuasive,
Holds the power to change lives, tender yet invasive.

Not with pressure to conform, just a strong incentive,
That decisions made today might make one repentive.
Lives are changed when hearts are moved and control surrendered,
Pressure lifted, peace descends, God’s grace has been rendered.

Not by force or by command, but in a heart that’s weary,
Longing for a slower pace, plus a life more cheery.
God will intervene with love, make some major changes;
So remarkable, the life that God rearranges.

Let the Spirit fill your soul, let your heart be lifted,
God has granted you new life; oh, such joy you’re gifted.
New beginning, new approach, peace will now surround you;
Oh, how wonderful the change, it surely will astound you!


And Then Cometh the Evening

Poet: Maria J. Dodge

When the cares of life o’erwhelm us
And the way is dark and drear.
Brothers, sisters, then take courage
For the night of rest draws near!
And when the burning sun goes down,
The star of hope shall rise,
And soon the morning’s rosy tints
Will brighten all the skies;
Then gladly work while yet you may.
For soon shall come the rest
When God shall call from earth away;
He doeth all things best.


The Infinite

Poet: W. H. Ogborn

There are tones never reached in music,
And feelings for words too deep;
There are scenes past all earthly vision;
There are griefs that no tears can weep;
There’s a harp unswept, in each bosom kept,
That only God’s hand can sweep.

There are riches past all earthly treasure,
And objection no gold can conceal;
There are tints never reached on the palette,
And a blackness no night can feel;
There’s a jewel unmined, in each heart enshrined,
That only God’s hand can reveal.

There’s a language by words never spoken,
There’s a silence no clangor can break;
There are storms beyond earth’s wildest tempest,
And a calm that no terror can shake;
There’s a thirst for a stream, in each deep human dream,
That only God’s hand can slake.

Oh! what this mysterious problem,
Beyond the solution of man,
For which he hath ever been striving
Since time and creation began?
‘Tis the deep unexpressed, in each human breast,
Of God’s inscrutable plan.

So, then, in man’s ever unfinished,
But ever perfectible dream,
Lies proof of his infinite nature –
A ray from the Eternal Beam;
And in death there’s an hour, when this earth-prisoned power,
God’s merciful hand will redeem.



Poet: Mary Louise Riley Smith

Sometime, when all life’s lessons have been learned,
And sun and stars forevermore have set.
The things which our weak judgment here have spurned,
The things o’er which we grieved with lashes wet,
Will flash before us, out of life’s dark night.
As stars shine more in deeper tints of blue.
And we shall see how all God’s plans were right.
And how what seemed reproof was love most true

And we shall see how, while we frown and sigh,
God’s plans go on as best for you and me;
How, when we called. He heeded not our cry.
Because His wisdom to the end could see.
And even as prudent parents disallow
Too much of sweet to craving babyhood.
So God, perhaps, is keeping from us now
Life’s sweetest things, because it seemeth good.

And if, sometimes commingled with life’s wine.
We find the wormwood and rebel and shrink,
Be sure a wiser hand than yours or mine
Pours out this potion for our lips to drink.
And if some friend we love is lying low.
Where human kisses cannot reach his face.
Oh, do not blame the loving Father so!
But wear your sorrow with obedient grace.

And you shall shortly know that lengthened breath
Is not the sweetest gift God sends His friend.
And that sometimes the sable pall of death
Conceals the fairest boon His love can send.
If we could push ajar the gates of life
And stand within and all God’s workings see.
We could interpret all this doubt and strife.
And for each mystery could find a key.

But not today. Then be content, poor heart!
God’s plans, like lilies, pure and white unfold.
We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart;
Time will reveal the hidden cups of gold.
And if through patient toil we reach the land.
Where weary feet, with sandals loosed, may rest.
Then shall we know and clearly understand –
I think that we shall say, “God knew the best.”


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