5 Inspirational God Cares For You Poems

These short ‘God Cares For You Poems’ remind us that God cares for us. Never think that God doesn’t care about us. He is always with us whenever there is a problem. It is up to us how much we miss him. In many places in the Bible it is said that He is with us all the time and He cares for us. There have been many miracles in the world that show that God cares about us.

He Cares

God Cares For You Poems


All Is From God

Poet: J. L. Spaulding

When we understand all is from God and for Him,
trouble, doubt, and anxiety die away,
and the soul rests in the calm and
repose that belongs to whatever is eternal.

He sees all and is not disturbed.
Why should we be filled with apprehension
because there are ripples in the
little pond where our life-boat floats?

Since He has made us for everlasting bliss,
He has made us to be happy now in the work
that lies at our hand or in the sorrow and suffering we must bear.

Whatever brings a high thought, or a gentle or
a generous mood is consecrated as though wafted
to us from the wings of angels.

Had we the power to gratify every wish and whim,
human life would become impassible.
God’s love is as manifest when He hems us in as when
He enlarges the bounds in which he permits us to move.

We ask blindly for many things, when all that we need is
that He will guide us. “Thy will be done,” is
the sum of all true worship and right prayer.





Food For The Hungry

Greta Zwaan, © 2009

Five thousand men and five loaves of bread,
that’s all there is? That’s how they’ll be fed?
Well, not exactly, we also have fish;
but, there’s really just two in this little lad’s dish.
Oh, don’t forget, we have children here too,
along with their moms, I’d say, quite a few.
You know what I think? We should send them away,
they must all be tired, it’s been a long day.

And that bit of food? Might be good for just two.
They’d better go home, what else can they do?
But Jesus had pity on this great hungry bunch,
and gladly accepted the little boy’s lunch.
They must have wondered, “What will He do now?”
What a dilemma, they’ve caught Him somehow.

But then Jesus said, “Put the groups here and there,”
and looked up to heaven to offer a prayer.
The loaves kept on growing; well, that’s how it seemed.
And fish? There was plenty, more than they’d dreamed.
But would you believe when those thousands were fed,
there were twelve baskets left, full of fish and of bread?

It just goes to show that when God’s in control,
He cares for the body as well as the soul.
What more can you ask when your needs are all met?
That’s God’s greatest offer, the best you can get.


The Sower Becomes The Seed

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2005

The sower becomes the seed, the Word in flesh, indeed!
There is no other way but that the seed should die,
And that the Holy God of life would bring salvation nigh.

It’s not for man to question the working of God’s mighty power,
When He reveals His thoughts to man it’ll be within His chosen hour.
Yet much has been foretold to man, there’s knowledge and great guidance;
The Word of God holds forth the truth and teaches man abidance.

But man, in his own willful way regards not facts or fiction,
He chooses to be self-controlled, he thinks not of conviction.
And yet, amidst man’s selfish ways, God’s love is overwhelming;
He gently draws the soul of man through faith, yet not compelling.

Be not dissuaded by the world, its fruit is temporary,
But reach out to the promises; be quick and do not tarry.
For reckoning will soon ensue, the clouds will burst in glory,
God will reveal the deeds of life, He’s written down each story.

There’ll be no chance to grieve for sin, no chance to make amendments;
Today salvation comes your way, requesting your attendance.
The call comes once or maybe twice, but GOD won’t always tarry,
The plea cannot be stronger made – let Christ your burdens carry.


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