18 Famous Poems About The Bible

Various poems have been collected about Biel, hopefully these poems will motivate you to read the Bible. Various people tried to destroy the Bible but all their efforts failed and it is still considered as a bestseller. The Bible is difficult to understand because it was written 1000 years ago. There are different excellent study Bibles to understand the Bible. The Bible is the final words of God. It requires great intellect to understand this. Hopefully these Poems About The Bible will motivate you to read and understand the Bible.

The Bible by Lillian E. Curtis

Famous Poems About The Bible


The Book For All Time

by Strickland Gillilan

There never was a trouble yet,” I’ve heard my mother say,
That wasn’t mentioned in this Book I study every day.
There never was a crisis in a human life, I’m sure,
But had its prototype in this the Book that must endure.

She doesn’t say things to me now that mother wise of mine
At least not with the sort of voice she did. But clear and fine
I hear her admonitions just as plainly now as when
She read to me the same old things, again and yet again.

I didn’t know it sank so deep the wisdom she imparted.
It took the years relentless years that left me heavier-hearted
To show me how her words and voice I thought I slightly heeded
Were stored to give my later life the things it sorely needed.

And now when, in a hotel room, I take the little Book
The Gideons God bless them! gave, I reverently look
Through page on page and find therein, to my profound surprise,
Full proof, through this great wonder Book, that God’s all-seeing eyes

Foresaw that day that very day that was so new to me,
And had discoursed, through minds inspired, on all that I should be
And do, throughout the crisis that had seemed to me unique!
How marvelously down the years those wondrous pages speak!

And, strangely, things I read in there sound different, somehow,
From ordinary printed stuff. And hence my little vow
That I, both for my mother’s sake, and for my own sake too,
Will search the Scriptures every day they tell me what to do!


The Bible By John Quincy Adams

Poems About The Bible


Back To The Blessed Old Bible

Poet: D. O. Teasley

Back to the blessed old Bible;
Back to the city of God;
Back to the oneness of heaven;
Back where the faithful have trod;
Back from the land of confusion,
Passing the wrecks and the creeds;
Back to the light of the morning:
Jesus our captain leads.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Saints of Jehovah, rejoice;
Jesus is calling his people
Back to the land of their choice.
Often our fathers have sought it
“While we in Babel abode;
Now we have found the fair city –
Church of the living God.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Leaving confusion and strife;
Fleeing from Babel to Zion,
Back to the joy of our life.
Over the mountains we wandered.
Looking in vain for the right;
Now in the evening we’ve found it –
Truth of the Gospel light.

Back to the blessed old Bible;
Back at the Master’s call;
Back to the words of our Savior,
Loving, obeying them all;
Never in sects to be scattered,
Never again to do wrong:
Unity, holiness, heaven,
Ever shall be our song.


Holy Scripture

Holy Scripture



See You In Heaven?

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Let me tell you a story
About a man who came from glory.
It happened long ago, more than 2000 years
If you reflect upon this story it can calm your fears.

Think about this I say
How many books are around this day
That we were written more than 1500 years ago
It is one that should make you think so.

A man sent from God above
Sent to show His love
And to show His people the way
For those who have gone astray.

You don’t believe in God you say
Well, that may seem okay
But I ask a question of you
What if He is true?

Do you believe in the wind that blows
You can’t see it, so who knows
You can feel the wind on your face
The same is true of God, in any case.

The same is true with God you know
You can’t see him but if you follow
The teachings laid out in the Bible
You will feel His love, like a disciple.

This is a story about a man
Who had a short lifespan
But what he did with his time
We couldn’t imagine in our prime.

What will happen when you die?
Up to heaven do you think you will fly?
God gives us all a choice
And He gives us all a voice.

Read the Bible – a great self-help book,
Take some time and take a look.
Investigate, discover with an open mind
Don’t close your mind and be blind.

I want to see you in Heaven someday
It will be a place we want to stay
But to get there you must believe
And Jesus you will receive.


Faithfulness Of God

by C. H. Spurgeon

It is the everlasting faithfulness of God
that makes a Bible promise
“exceeding great and precious.”

Human promises are often worthless.
Many a broken promise has left a, broken heart.
But since the world was made God has
never broken a single promise made
to one of His trusting children.


What Is Truth

Poet: Chauncy Hare Townshend

Oh, how we pine for truth! for something more
Than husks of learning! How did ancient Greece
Hang on the virtuous lips of Socrates,
Turning from words more sounding to adore
The wisdom that sent souls to their own store
For knowledge. So let us our hearts release!

‘Tis time the jargon of the schools should cease, —
Errors that rot Theology’s deep core,
Lying at the base of things. Down, down must fall
The glittering edifice, cemented much
With blood, but baseless. At Truth’s simple touch
All the vain fabric will be shattered, — all!

But not the Bible! Nature there is stored,
And God! Eternal is the Saviour’s Word!


God’s Chart

by Henry Ward Beecher

The Bible is God’s chart for you to steer by,
To Keep you from the bottom of the sea,
And to show you where the harbour is,
And how to reach it without running on rocks or bars.


My Old Bible

Poet: Edmund Pillifant

Though the cover is worn,
And the pages are torn,
And though places bear traces of tears;
Yet more precious than gold
Is the Book, worn and old,
That can shatter and scatter my fears.

This old Book is my guide;
‘Tis a friend by my side;
It will lighten and brighten my way;
And each promise I find
Soothes and gladdens my mind
As I read it and heed it today.

To this Book I will cling,
Of its worth I will sing,
Though great losses and crosses be mine
For I can not despair,
Though surrounded by care,
While possessing this blessing Divine.


How Readest Thou?

Poet: Unknown

It is one thing to read the Bible through,
Another thing to read to learn and do;
It is one thing to read it with delight,
And quite another thing to read it right.
Some read it with design to learn to read,
But to the subject pay but little heed;
Some read it as their duty once a week,
But no instruction from the Bible seek;
While others read it with but little care,
With no regard to how they read, or where.

Some read it as a history to know
How people lived three thousand years ago;
Some read to bring themselves into repute
By showing others how they can dispute;
While others read because their neighbors do,
To see how long ’twill take to read it through.
Some read it for the wonders that are there –
How David killed a lion and a bear;
While others read it with uncommon care,
But all to find some contradiction there.

Some read as though it did not speak to them,
But to the people at Jerusalem;
One reads it as a book of mysteries,
And won’t believe the very thing he sees;
One reads with father’s specs upon his head,
And sees the thing just as his father did;
Another reads through Campbell or through Scott,
And thinks it means exactly what they thought.
Some read to wrangle for their creed,
Hence understand but little what they read;
For every doctrine in the Book they bend
To make it suit that all-important end.

Some people read, as I have often thought,
To teach the Book instead of being taught;
And some there are who read it out of spite.
I fear there are but few who read it right.
So many people in these latter days
Have read the Bible in so many ways
That few can tell which system is the best,
For every party contradicts the rest.
But read it prayerfully, and you will see,
Though men do contradict, God’s words agree;
For what the early Bible prophets wrote,
We find that Christ and his apostles quote.
So, trust no creed that trembles or offends
At any word the blessed Bible sends.


Books Of The Bible

Poet: Unknown

In Genesis the world was made;
In Exodus the march is told;
Leviticus contains the law;
In Numbers are the tribes enrolled;
In Deuteronomy again
We’re urged to keep God’s law alone;
And these five works of Moses make
The oldest writings that are known.

Brave Joshua to Canaan leads;
In Judges oft the Jews rebel;
We read of David’s name in Ruth
And First and Second Samuel;
In First and Second Kings we read
How bad the Hebrew state became;
In First and Second Chronicles
Another history of the same;
In Ezra captive Jews return,
And Nehemiah builds the wall;
Queen Esther saves her race from death
These books “historical” we call.

In Job we read of patient faith;
The Psalms are David’s songs of praise
The Proverbs are to make us wise;
Ecclesiastes next portrays
How fleeting earthly pleasures are;
The Song of Solomon is all
About the love of Christ: and these
Five books “devotional” we call.

Isaiah tells of Christ to come,
While Jeremiah tells of woe,
And in his Lamentations mourns
The Holy City’s overthrow;
Ezekiel speaks of mysteries
And Daniel foretells kings of old;
Rosea calls men to repent;
In Joel blessings are foretold;

Amos tells of wrath, and Edom
Obadiah’s sent to warn;
While Jonah shows that Christ should die,
And Micah where he should be born.
In Nahum, Nineveh is seen;
In Habakkuk, Chaldea’s guilt;
In Zephaniah, Judah’s sins;
In Haggai, the temple built;
Zechariah speaks of Christ,
And Malachi, of John his sign:
The “prophets” number seventeen,
And all the books are thirty-nine.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John,
Tell what Christ did in every place;
Acts shows what the apostles did,
And Romans how we’re saved by grace;
Corinthians instructs the church;
Galatians shows of faith alone;
Ephesians, true love; and in
Philippians God’s grace is shown;
Colossians tells us more of Christ,
And Thessalonians of the end;
In Timothy and Titus both
Are rules for pastors to attend;
Philemon Christian friendship shows;
Then Hebrews clearly tells how all
The Jewish law prefigured Christ;
And these Epistles are by Paul.

James shows that faith by works must live,
And Peter urges steadfastness,
While John exhorts to Christian love,
For those who have it God will bless;
Jude shows the end of evil men,
And Revelation tells of heaven:
This ends the whole New Testament,
And all the books are twenty-seven.


Every Day A Little

Poet: Maria Frink

Every day a little knowledge.
One fact in a day.
How small is one fact!
Ten years pass by.
Three thousand six hundred and fifty facts are not a small thing.

Every day a little self-denial.
A thing that is difficult to day will be an easy thing to do
three hundred and sixty days hence,
if each day it shall have been repeated.
What power of self-mastery shall he enjoy who,
looking to God for grace,
seeks every day to practice the grace he prays for.

Every day a little helpfulness.
We live for the good of others,
if our living is in any sense true living.
It is not great deeds of kindness only in which the blessing is found.
In little deeds of “kindness,” repeated every day,
we find true happiness.
At home, at school, in the street,
in the neighbor’s house, on the playground,
we shall find opportunity every day for usefulness.

Every day a little look into the Bible.
One chapter a day.
What a treasure of Bible knowledge one may acquire in ten years.
Every day a verse committed to memory.
What a volume in twenty-five years!


My Bible

Poet: Edgar A. Guest

And should my soul be torn with grief
Upon my shelf I find
A little volume, torn and thumbed,
For comfort just designed.
I take my little Bible down
And read its pages o’er,
And when I part from it I find
I’m stronger than before.



Poet: Maud Frazer Jackson

What if I say –
“The Bible is God’s Holy Word,
Complete, inspired, without a flaw” –
But let its pages stay
Unread from day to day,
And fail to learn therefrom God’s law;
What if I go not there to seek
The truth of which I glibly speak,
For guidance on this earthly way, —
Does it matter what I say?

What if I say
That Jesus Christ is Lord divine;
Yet fellow-pilgrims can behold
Naught of the Master’s love in me,
No grace of kindly sympathy?
If I am of the Shepherd’s fold,
Then shall I know the Shepherd’s voice
And gladly make his way my choice.
We are saved by faith, yet faith is one
With life, like daylight and the sun.
Unless they flower in our deeds,
Dead, empty husks are all the creeds.
To call Christ, Lord, but strive not to obey,
Belies the homage that with words I pay.


Read The Bible

Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Take the Bible – read the Bible –
‘Tis a precious, precious book:
Every day you scorn its message,
Careless on its pages look,
You deprive your souls of pleasure
Joys which they alone can tell,
Who have found it golden treasure
From the God of Israel.

Read the Bible love the Bible
Bind it firmly to the heart;
It will cheer you in your darkness,
And a generous light impart:
When the night of sorrow lengthens,
Friends forsake and peace has flown,
It will chase the gloomy shadows
With a brightness all its own.

Take the Bible – love the Bible –
All its precepts treasure up;
And amid life’s sharpest trials
It will prove the star of hope:
In your pilgrimage ’twill cheer you
Shade by day and sun by night;
Joy in sorrow, health in sickness,
Peace and pleasure, pure delight.

Read the Bible – love the Bible –
‘Tis a gift from God to man;
Every thought is inspiration,
Breathing of redemption’s plan;
And the soul, in darkness groping,
Pointing to a region blest,
Where the wicked cease from troubling
And the weary are at rest.

Read the Bible – love the Bible –
Weary pilgrims, guileless youth;
Listen to its sweet instructions,
Words of wisdom, power, and truth:
Read the Bible – love the Bible –
Sick, in health, at home, abroad;
Every time you read its pages
You are nearer brought to God.


My Mother’s Bible

Poet: George Pope Morris

This book is all that’s left me now, –
Tears will unbidden start, –
With faltering lip and throbbing brow
I press it to my heart.
For many generations past
Here is our family tree;
My mother’s hands this Bible clasped,
She, dying, gave it me.

Ah! well do I remember those
Whose names these records bear;
Who round the hearthstone used to close,
After the evening prayer,
And speak of what these pages said
In tones my heart would thrill!
Though they are with the silent dead,
Here are they living still!

My father read this holy book
To brothers, sisters, dear;
How calm was my poor mother’s look,
Who loved God’s word to hear!
Her angel face,- I see it yet!
What thronging memories come!
Again that little group is met
Within the halls of home!

Thou truest friend man ever knew,
Thy constancy I’ve tried;
When all were false, I found thee true,
My counsellor and guide.
The mines of earth no treasures give
That could this volume buy;
In teaching me the way to live,
It taught me how to die!


The Book My Mother Read

Poet: Dwight Williams

I have it yet, the dear old book
That lay upon the stand,
In which she often used to look,
And always at her hand;
The corners rounded are with age,
The leaves are worn and thin,
And dim the lines on many a page
She so delighted in.

A half-hours rest in household toil
For needed strength she caught,
And in the light of fragrant oil
She found the place she sought;
And heavy labor turned to love,
And duty led away
To visions of the land above,
A Sabbath-hour each day.

The book remains more sacred still
Because of her dear eyes,
That saw therein Gods wondrous will
And saw not otherwise;
For thus she found a way to Him
Who down to evening late,
And through the valley, lone and dim,
Brought her to His dear gate.


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