7 Poems To Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

Stress is basically of two types, controllable and uncontrollable. Stress is actually caused by rushing any task or doing something that is beyond your control. Any task that is done beyond one’s capacity can cause stress. As a man gives 12 hours of duty but his body can withstand only 8 hours of work, automatically his mind will get stressed.

To avoid stress, one should also do some activities that provide entertainment. Here are some Poems To Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety that may help you relieve your mental and physical stress.

Time To Live A Stress Free Life

Poems To Relieve Your Stress


Stress Poem by Ashley Olson

My heart bleeds
Yet I cant shed a tear
No matter what I’m going through
I feel the tears that are falling from my heart
My heart aches from the pain
The pain that I go through everyday
The pain an eighteen year old shouldnt have to feel
So much to say, but how do I say it
The stress has me pullin my hair out
I try and explain my pain
Yet know one is around to listen
So I scream and yell at myself
WHY? ?
Is my question to everything
Never do I have an answer
Why cant people just sit down and pay attention?
Now that I dont have anyone
I put my mask on
The mask that blocks off all emotion
So I cant feel the pain anymore
The pain that happens everyday
Now that the day ends
I sit in my chair and realize
I’m holding fist full of hair..


Life Stress



Count Your Blessings

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2021

Count your blessings one by one
By doing this stress will be done
Let your focus go beyond
That which you can not respond.

Life always has its ups and downs
Causing smiles and some frowns
Do your best and you will see
You will become stress free.

Somethings are beyond our control
But don’t give up, set a new goal.
Do not stress yourself out
Do not focus on your doubts.

We all need a bit of stress
Life gives us these little tests.
Stay positive and you can overcome
Which will reduce your stress some.

So again I say
Focus on the blessings of the day
Find the good in everything
That your life journey will bring!


Stress Relief

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

Stress can seem to compound
Making it hard to rebound
If we don’t find relief
It can fill us with such grief.

You need to find a way
To control stress before you go gray.
It may be a simple thing
Like taking a walk, or running.

Life challenges need to be
Put in perspective, so you can see
Not all things have to be done
You need some time to have some fun.

Sometimes we just need to talk
Or go with a friend for a walk
Talking to others can get it off your chest
Allowing you to move forward at your best.

A question to ask yourself sometime
“Will this matter in 5 years time?”
If it does, then take action now
And if not let it go somehow.

The worse thing you can do
Is to let stress overwhelm you
Find relief, so you can proceed
It will help you to succeed!


Don’t Be Stressed

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Don’t be stressed
Just do your best
Forget about age
It’s just another page
In the book of living
Don’t let the feeling
Of getting older
Be a stress factor.



Poet: Unknown

If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself and others.
If you want to control others, you must learn to control yourself.
If you want friends, be friendly.
If you want justice, be fair with others.
If you want consideration, be considerate.
If you want courtesy, be courteous.
If you want to be strong, be quiet and unafraid.
If you want to keep your character and reputation above suspicion, keep good company or none.
If you want to be popular, never say an unkind word about anyone.
If you want to know God’s word, study His book.


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