Famous Poems About Making Love For The First Time

Here are famous Making Love Poems written by some of the greatest and well-known modern and classical poets. Postpoetics always collects for you best love poetry, enjoy and share it with your lover.

Famous poems about making love
Famous poems about making love

Making Love
By Brandee Lyann Hilbert

Underneath the moonlit sky, beneath a blanket of stars,
I lay with you in a land afar.
It’s so quiet; all I can hear
is my breath I vaguely take with you so near.
You have my body bound.
I’m lost in your presence, where I can’t be found.
You kiss my neck; it feels so nice.
You have me feeling so enticed.
As my body emerges,
it yearns and it urges
to feel your embrace
and to taste your taste.
As you put it in,
a little smile grins.
Should I whisper, faster?
Or should I scream for my Master?
You’re pulling my hair,
I feel, as if I were floating on air.
As I tremble and begin to shake,
you quiver and quake.
Underneath the moonlit sky, beneath a blanket of stars,
I’m yours, wherever you are.


Poems about making love
Poems about making love

This Morning
By Diego Olvera

This passionate morning
I wake up with
Your feminine body
With your seductive eyes
with your soft kisses
saying I love you.
This passionate morning
I am hoping you
could write your
immense love in my


Our first night together poem
Our first night together poem

By Anna

Lock eyes with me so I can see into your soul.
Press your lips against mine so I know your taste.
Lay naked with me so I know your insecurities.
Sing a song to me so I know the tune of your heart.
Dance in the rain with me so I know your every move.
Marry me so I know you’re all mine.


Make love to me slowly poems
Make love to me slowly poems

Your Lips

Lips sweet as sugar,
how to touch them I linger.
Lips that enslave me with their grandeur,
just to see them near I ponder.

Upper so tender, lower so exquisite
when together makes me avid;
when drenched, they yearn to be perceived;
when arid, they desire to be embraced;

Lips that laugh, lips that smile
with your prongs makes me eye.
Lips that moan, lips that sigh,
takes me to a loathsome high.

Within my imprisoned wish I conceive
but laugh at myself at the way they deceive.
Words your lips whisper, I long to hear,
but just memories I have to keep them dear.

Lips of love, lips of ire,
lips of sweetness, lips on fire,
lips of golden heavenly mire,
hope they won’t leave me in dire.


Famous poems about passion
Famous poems about passion

The Kiss That Was
By ‘Abstruse PSYCHE

have you ever had a kiss
that took you on a bliss
and left you with shaking knees
the one you’d not dare miss

so intense it made you drift
a fall you’d not care lift
and your lot that is to shift
seems to budge in a swift

lose a grip, never a bit
those lips they seem to fit
and with less than a heartbeat
your souls are apt to meet.


Poems to make her want you
Poems to make her want you

The Love I Feel
By Linda Morrow

To hold you close to have you near
To have my breath against your ear
Whispering the words I long to say
Being able to show you my passion in that special way,
The loving, caressing, kissing would feel so right
Expressing our love right through the night
Our bodies joined as one in pure ecstasy
Thrusting, moaning, loving as You become part of me
Reaching that point there is no going above
Our bodies explode together in out throes of love
After, cuddling, laughing, talking all part of us too
I look up smile and say I love you.


Euphony Of A Kiss
By Michael Prochaska

A kiss of passion
In a moment’s lapse
Seems to linger longer
With a fervent fiery flame
Burning between our avid lips

Wrapped up in a romantic nuance;
A feeling never felt,
Never known, never shown
Never till now
Under the moon’s radiant glare

We feel the wind blow smoothly
As it caresses our cheeks ever so tenderly
And we embrace the dark night’s sky
As my head tilts closer to you
And our eyes meet in a timeless glance
Before they close and we drift
Into each other’s hearts.

One heart beat, not two
Our kiss is the rhythm of a euphonic melody

That of which can’t be sung
’cause the lyrics we cannot fathom

But I know the song very well
It’s the tune that will never cease playing
In my heart
When I’m with you.


By Llh

I dream of the day that you are freed
so that my passion you can feed
My loins burn with strong desire
My heart swells with a burning fire.

The touch of your hand against my skin
Brings to my face a lustful grin
The thought of all the things we’ll do
Your deepest desire will of course come true.

Your arms will once again hold me
And I will beg so passionately
For you to never let me go
And we will rock gently to and fro.

Your lips will touch mine and I will quiver
For my desire will make you shiver
I doubt we’ll make it through the night
Without some squeals of pure delight.

So think on my love of that wonderful day
When I can look at you and say
I want more than anything
Right here right now, make my body sing.


Dayna’s Kiss
By Dayna’s Kiss

Time spent away from you brings to mind one of the many things that I miss,
There is nothing more scintillating than your kiss.
Your hair is soft and pretty and makes me want to touch,
but it is time without your kiss that grieves me so much.
I Love holding your precious hands, they are soft warm and so tender,
but it is the thought of your kiss that leads my heart to surrender.
Yes I long to massage and caress your pretty feet,
even so, your kiss is what lures me because it is so deliciously sweet.
I Love to playfully look for freckles on your neck,
but it’s your kiss that knocks me flat on the deck.
Your eyes sparkle like diamonds, leading to your soul,
but it is thinking of your kiss that causes me to loose control.
Spending time with you brings me peace like a dove,
but your kisses always fill me with endless Love.


The Night
By Anthony W. Williams

The evening is gone
The darkness makes little sound
except for the two of us

As I look down at you, the sweat falls
Your face catching each drop
your tongue tasting those in reach
Your hand on mine, your intentions clear

My heart pounds heavily in my chest
trying to catch my breath, for the next
waiting with a fever

I can see your eyes in the darkness
that fiery glow lets me know
I must call upon more strength

Now our hands are locked
and I mean tight
Our voices breaking the silence.


The Ingredients Of A Memorable Night
By Nicole Lastinger

Eyes briefly meeting
Hands sliding down my back.

My heart is pulsing rapidly
This is my angle of attack.

Lips touching abrasively
Bodies demanding passion.

Words whispered of desire
And meaningful compassion.

With our legs intertwining
I get a feeling from within.

That feeling is gratifying
and almost full of sin.

With us there’s is no limits
Nor secrets to unveil.

Every word you whisper
Is erotic with detail.

With our fantasies recited
And our wishes slowly granted.

I soon begin to realize
It’s my name you’ve softly chanted.

A rhythm in the setting
Of music softly playing.

Its tone is precisely amorous
With the lust you are displaying.

Delightfully I tell you
Of the wishes I want fulfilled.

As I begin to lose focus
My conscience tends to rebuild.

As you aggressively twirl my hair
My body begins to shake.

This is when I realize
This encounter is no mistake.

My breathing heavily increases
As your goal is now in sight.

I arch my back and moan
In awe of this memorable night.


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