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Here’s wishing you and your students the greatest start to a new beginning! Perfect for younger grades. Share welcome back to school poems photos on Instagram, Fb, Twitter etc. 

Welcome Back To School Poems with Images
Welcome Back To School Poems with Images

Welcome Back To School Poem

When you
Enter this
Little room
Consider yourself
One of the special
Members of a group who
Enjoys learning togather!


welcome back to school banners
Welcome Back to School Poems

Welcome Back To School Poem

The first day of school
Not sure what’s in store
A brand new teacher
And a whole lot more

Making new friends
And seeing old ones too
What will we learn?
I have’t a clue

Will we learn about animals?
Or outer space?
Will we learn to be writers?
Or in gym will we roce?

I have so many quesitons
About how this year will be
A brand new adventure
We’ll just have to wait and see.


welcome back to school poems
welcome back to school poems


Goodbye vacation!
Hello to school!

Hello new class,
Goodbye old pool.

Vacation time is over,
School time is here.

Now we welcome,
A new school year!


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Welcome Back To School Poems

Back To School!

I’ve rewatched every rerun,
I have no skin on my knees,
I’ve had it with the cricket,
The sunburn, and the bees.

I hiked around the woods,
and got peed on by a tree toad,
My neighbor took me fishing,
I got gang-jumped by mosquitoes.

I’ve been bitten, scorched, and stung,
and ball field is a sneeze,
My controller went on strike, and
I’ bouncing off the trees,

Days, no longer long,
whisper, Time to move along,
School is calling, no use stalling,
Fall is falling, and it,
cannot be ignored,
Should I follo?
Might as well.
I’m preety board.


poetry for students
Welcome Back to School Poems for Students

Welcome back to school

Welcome back to school
Summer’s over and once again school rules
It’s now September a long way from June
Glad to have you welcome back to school

Let’s get down to business
You have had your fun
Summer vacation is now long gone
Now it’s time to learn

Welcome back to school
Learn prepare to take command of your world
Put control of your future in your hands
It’s good to welcome you back to school

We are going to make learning fun
With that in mind we have updated our curriculum
Don’t look so serious show some enthusiasm
All together now are we ready are we ready to learn

Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome back to school.

Anthony S.Phillander


poetry for kids
Welcome Back to School Poems, Banners

Welcome Back to School

Dear students, the summer has ended
The school year at last has begun
But this year is totally different
I promise we’ll only have fun.

We won’t study any mathematics
and recess will last all day long
Instead of the pledge of allegiance
we’ll belt out a rock ‘n’ roll song.

We’ll only play games in the classroom
You’re welcome to bring in your toys
It’s okay to run in the hallways
It’s great if you make lots of noise.

For homework you’ll play your nintendo
You’ll have to watch lots ot T.V
For field trips we’ll go to the movies
and get lots of candy for free

The lunchroom will only serve chocolate
and Triple-Fudge Sundoes Supreme.
Yes, that’s what I heard from my teacher
before I woke from my dream.

By Kenn Nesbitt



Welcome to your new classroom!
I am so glad that you’re here!
I have filed a bag wiht goodies,
To help descirbe our year.

The pencils represents the learning
that each day you will do
The sharpener will keep you ready,
When your pencil is non longer new.

The eraser is to let you know
that it’s okay to make mistakes
We will correnct them and learn from them,
no matter what it takes!

The “Smarties” show that I know you are smart ,
and realy special too
The “Lifesavers” are a reminder,
taht I am here for you.

The bracelet is to let you know,
tat you’re always welcome here
The “laffy Taffy” meands we will laugh a lot,
throughout our wonderful year.

the “Starbursts” are to tell you,
that you are a star to me
School can be taugh a times,
but also fun, you’l see!


When You Enter This

You are amazing.
You are important.
You are creators.
You are scientists.
You are explorers.
You are loved.
You are readers.
You are risk takers.
You are a friend.
You are special.
You are leaders.
You are respected.
You are the reason I am here!


Back to School

Welcome back!
School has begun.
Time for work.
Time for fun.
Smile brightly,
On your way.
School has started,
Just today!


Back To School!

Pencils, glue, paper, and books,
My backpack is filled to the top!
I grab my lunch and gym shoes,
And make my way to the bus stop.

I get to school and walk in,
Walls are decorated, it’s cool!
I find my dest with my name,
I am ready for back to school!


My Promise

Each day I’ll do my best,
And I won’t do any less.

My work will always please me,
And I won’t accept a mess.

I’ll color every carefully,
My writting will be neat.

And I simply won’t be happy,
Untill my papers are complete.

I’ll always do my homework,
And I’ll try on every test.

And I won’t forget my promise,
To do my every best.


Welcome children, I’m glad you’re here.
We’re all going to have a wonderful year!
We’ll draw and we’ll write,
We’ll sing and we’ll play,
We’ll paint and we’ll build,
And learn new things each day!


Wellcome Back To School Poem

We have all come back to school,
Back to school, back to school,
And our teacher’s really cool!
Oh, we are back to school.

We are making some new friends,
Some new friends, some new friends,
We don’t want the day to end,
We play with our new friends.

There’s lots of new, fun things to do,
Things to do things to do,
Lots to learn for me and you,
There’s new, fun things to do.

We have all come back to school,
Back to school, back to school,
And our teacher’s really cool!
Oh, we are back to school.


Welcome Back

A brand-new school year starts today
Soon summer will have passed
I have so much for you to learn
The time will go so fast!

There’s reading and spelling
And a little math drill, too
A touch of art and science
Teamwork will get us throught!

I’m always here to help you
Please try to do your best
Show me that you really care
On every task and every test!


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