8 Short Poems About Overcoming Challenges

Are you facing challenges in life? The problems you face can only be fixed when you fight your own battles. Do yourself a favor and stop depending on others. Solving the problems faced in life is only through patience and bravery. Short poems about overcoming challenges will give you motivation if you are facing challenges.

The End of the Rope

Poems About Overcoming Challenges


You Faced The Challenges

by Catherine Pulsifer, © 2004

I look at the challenges you face
And your determination in making your case
Others would have given up
But you kept going not letting up.

Of you, we are so very proud
We tell everyone out loud
We all need to aspire
To share the story of those we admire.

So you are proof that if you believe
With God’s help, you can achieve.
We look forward to the next goal you need
We know you will face it and exceed.


Life Is A Challenge

Life Is A Challenge


The Storms of Life

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

Watch the tree in the wind blow
Swaying back and forth, to and fro
Some trees get uprooted
And others are not affected.

When life sends us wind and storms
How do we perform?
Are we like the trees
Being flexible to some degree.

Or do we become up rooted
Losing patience and being stupid
Anger and frustration, we quickly transform
Just because we face a storm.

When challenges of life do hit
Stay calm, do not have a fit
Be like the wind-blown tree
Be flexible, and calm as you can be.


As You Go Through Life

As you go through life
It is not always going to be easy.

You’re going to have somebody say
Some things that are going to cut you to the core.

The sun will not always shine;
The flowers won’t always bloom.

But I have found this out:
The storms that I go through are for my good,
Because no one appreciates the sunshine until
He has gone through the storm.


See It Through

Poet: Edgar A. Guest

When you’re up against a trouble,
Meet it squarely, face to face;
Lift your chin and set your shoulders,
Plant your feet and take a brace.
When it’s vain to try to dodge it,
Do the best that you can do;
You may fail, but you may conquer,
See it through!

Black may be the clouds about you
And your future may seem grim,
But don’t let your nerve desert you;
Keep yourself in fighting trim.
If the worst is bound to happen,
Spite of all that you can do,
Running from it will not save you,
See it through!

Even hope may seem but futile,
When with troubles you’re beset,
But remember you are facing
Just what other men have met.
You may fail, but fall still fighting;
Don’t give up, whate’er you do;
Eyes front, head high to the finish.
See it through!


What Lay Ahead

Poet: Sarah K. Bolton

The smallest bark on life’s tempestuous ocean
Will leave a track behind for evermore;
The lightest wave of influence, set in motion,
Extends and widens to the eternal shore.

We should be wary, then, who go before
A myriad yet to be, and we should take
Our bearing carefully, where breakers roar
And fearful tempests gather; one mistake
May wreck unnumber’d barks that follow in our wake.


Struggles In Life

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Struggles in life we all face
But we just need to embrace
The challenges life throws our way
Makes us stronger every day.

We should never forget
Nor should we stay upset
As to every problem, there is a solution
Even if we don’t like the conclusion.

Life lessons and adventures are found
When challenges do compound
So face your challenges head on
And before you know it they’ll be gone.


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