22 Famous Poems About Grief, Healing, Loss and Love

Explore best poems about grief. Life is full of joys and sorrows. Sometimes a person is so anxious that he / she thinks of ending his life on his own, especially when one of his own leaves him. We have collected some poems that will cure your grief and give you a new hope of life.

Famous Poems About Grief

Where’s Hope?
By John Halberg

On this first day without you.
our hearts fly at half-mast,
for our hero is gone.
Our hero is gone.

The world cheapens with your loss,
colors fade and purpose gone.
With empty swallows in choked throats,
we claw for smoke and shadow.

Beside the frail remains,
we tense,
we fear,
we are empty.

With Earth’s fresh dawn,
we echo your name,
crippled in spirit
and never the same.

poems about grief and hope
Poems about grief and hope


A Call From Heaven
By Zeb Edington

I lie awake long into the night,
Hoping that maybe you just might
Give me a call to say you’re okay
And let me know you made it through the day.

I would give everything that I have
To make you feel not so sad.
I know the pain is sometimes too great,
But the love was something you can never mistake.

I long for the day when I see you again.
Then we can talk about where all we’ve been.
We can think about all the times we had,
How we’ve missed each other ever so bad.

I feel like I’ve been cheated and robbed so blind.
God took you away when I thought you were mine.
Now I’m stuck here and feel so alone
As I sit and wait right beside the phone.

You gave me a life and everything I have.
I couldn’t say no, even when I was mad.
You gave me my children that I hold so dear.
You took away everything that I ever feared.

As the hurt seems to fade but the memories are bright,
Maybe I’ll see you in a dream tonight.
That’s all I can hope for until the day
When were together in heaven for an eternity.

poems about grief and love
poems about grief and love


Wake Up, Beautiful
By Danielle L. Stewart

Wake up, beautiful.
Wake up from this tragedy.
Return to reality.
I know you’re broken,
Nothing left to break.
Sleep is not the answer.
You need to be alive,
Be awake.
You’re not just a shell,
You are not dead inside.
Just wake up, beautiful.
Look at the world,
Be alive.
Ignore the demons
Who try to pull you below.
You can stand strong
Even though you are alone.
Wake up, beautiful.
Be strong,
Pull through.
You are not shattered,
Or defeated .
No one can take your place, dear.
Only you can be you.

wake up beautiful


By Ann D. Stevenson

I wasn’t there to say goodbye,
to reminisce of times gone by.

I wasn’t there to make you smile,
to tell old stories, laugh awhile.

I wasn’t there to talk of fun,
the happy times in life’s long run.

I wasn’t there to share the years,
those times of happiness and tears.

I wasn’t there to hear your fear
of leaving those you held so dear.

I wasn’t there to feel your pain,
you knew we’d never meet again.

I wasn’t there to hold your hand
when you parted from this land.

I wasn’t there to share our love,
before you joined the stars above.

I wasn’t there, I shed a tear.
In my heart you’re always there.



Missing You
Daljia Cummings

I sit and think of you; then I start to cry.
I miss you so much; why did you have to die?
The only thing that I can hear is a deep scream inside my ear.
My head is pounding so much nowadays.
Why did he take you away?
The biggest thing that I can say is I’m missing you every day.
I’m sitting looking at the starry sky and just keep asking God why?
The night is dark and the fire sparks.
but through all that’s happened
I’m able to say, “Why didn’t you stay every day?”

missing you


Afternoon In February
By Henry Wadsworth

The day is ending,
The night is descending;
The marsh is frozen,
The river dead.

Through clouds like ashes
The red sun flashes
On village windows
That glimmer red.

The snow recommences;
The buried fences
Mark no longer
The road o’er the plain;

While through the meadows,
Like fearful shadows,
Slowly passes
A funeral train.

The bell is pealing,
And every feeling
Within me responds
To the dismal knell;

Shadows are trailing,
My heart is bewailing
And tolling within
Like a funeral bell.

aftermoon in february


This Basket Of Burdens
By Debbie

My Basket of burdens
Is filled with the grief of my loss
It is so heavy to carry
Although this road I must cross.

This pathway through life
Feels unbearable at times
And I don’t have the strength
For this mountain I climb.

The Basket’s filled with sorrow
Oh, how I miss my love
At first, It’s impossible to carry,
Where is my help from above?

It’s draining my strength
I can’t do anymore
This pain goes so deep
Right down to my core.

As I carry this Basket
I’ll learn to manage the weight
Each step of the way
Will become easier they say.

But how do they know,
Have they been here before?
If so, where’s their Basket
They’re responsible for?

This Basket of burdens
You can’t see and can’t touch
I carry it inside me
This pain is too much.

Patience is needed to carry
This loss that I feel
A shoulder to lean on
So, someday I will heal.

God sent my family
My friends and spirits unknown
So, I won’t carry this Basket
For-ever alone

Someday, I’ll lay down my Basket
With burdens’ no more
My pain will be gone
When, I cross through that door

Then I’ll know reason
For my Basket of Burdens
How God showed me His grace
When I couldn’t cope with the season

Love and support that He gave
When His presence felt unknown
He was with me each step
When I felt so alone


January’s Child Of Mine
By Patricia L. Cisco

January’s child of mine,
sweet miracle of God’s design.

Oh, how I can recall the night.
Snow was drifting soft and white.

Then as if a dream came true,
my life was graced with loving you,
my January boy in blue.

Perfect, unique, one of a kind,
masterpiece of the Divine,
January’s child of mine.

Into a man from child you grew,
strong and loyal, tried and true.

So special you are; God only knew.
Heaven needed an angel; that angel was you.

January’s child of mine,
your life, so precious, God’s design.

To Heaven I’m sending my love and a kiss,
I’m lighting a candle and making a wish
that I’ll be joined in God’s good time
to January’s child of mine.


By Christina Rossetti

Come to me in the silence of the night;
Come in the speaking silence of a dream;
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright
As sunlight on a stream;
Come back in tears,
O memory, hope, love of finished years.

O dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter sweet,
Whose wakening should have been in Paradise,
Where souls brimfull of love abide and meet;
Where thirsting longing eyes
Watch the slow door
That opening, letting in, lets out no more.

Yet come to me in dreams, that I may live
My very life again though cold in death:
Come back to me in dreams, that I may give
Pulse for pulse, breath for breath:
Speak low, lean low
As long ago, my love, how long ago.


One Year Less
By Cheryl McDonald

There is no word, no label, no identifying moniker,
I am not a widow, not an orphan, not childless,
But one child less.
One less open laugh and little boy giggle,
One less challenging tete-a-tete;
One less artful, winking manipulation,
One less word of comfort, one less grateful hug.
One less chance to embrace a daughter;
One less new life to carry your eyes, your chin, your grin, your name,
No one word for the pain, the longing, the brevity
Of a life meant for living; an old soul meant to grow older than mine;
Would there be any one price too high, any sacrifice too great,
For one more moment, one more breath, one more warm touch;
I grasp desperately and sense the closeness –
the ONE just at the fingertips of my heart and mind,
Only to realize again and again and again,
There is no “One” – you are gone and I am – less.


My Mask
By Ellie Nazza

Every morning I wake up and put on a mask.
The mask makes everything seem all right,
But they don’t know I cry at night.
The nightmares just won’t go away.
If only I knew it was your last day.
For six years I’ve felt this pain.
The feeling just won’t go away.
Everyone thinks I’ve dealt with your death the best,
But without this mask I’d be a mess.


Trying To Balance Grief
By Liz Newman

Grief stacks
Itself up
As you try and balance
Your daily tasks
Your emotions
Your pain
The tower
As you try
To do everything
You normally do
Everything you
Normally can
But right now
You can’t
And it comes
The way


I Feel My Heart Breaking
By Sandee Foxten

I feel your arms
wrapped around me so tight,
I feel your body,
snuggled next to mine
in the middle of the night.

I feel your breath
on the back of my neck,
I feel your sweet soft lips,
kiss me with a gentle peck.

I feel, NO! Wait,
I cannot feel,
it is all too real.

I awaken in a panic,
look around and
you aren’t really there.
But I know it was real,
I felt your hands run through
my hair.

I feel something more now,
I must return
to my dream, somehow.
Please, oh please, still be there,
I am coming back, I swear!
This is the only place
I can hold you,
feel you, touch you.

I can’t find you now,
why did you go?
I asked you to stay,
I was on my way.
I must have taken too long.
Where did I go wrong?

I must now put my dreams aside,
Wake up and realize
that you really have died.
I have tried so hard
to hide behind,
all the silent tears
I have cried.

I feel you are still here,
I feel your presence
when you are near.
I feel your loving arms,
holding me while
I dream.

A place I feel safe,
without wanting to scream.
I feel your lips gently touch mine,
as you say good-bye.
I feel my heart breaking
once again,
and I start to cry.

As you fade further away
Into the light ray,
I can hear you say,
“I love you, and we will
meet again, someday.”


Grieving For A Loved One
By Carolynn F

I shed a tear, I feel quite numb
another loss, thoughts of a dearly beloved one
they say “time heals”, give it a while
remember all the happy times and smiles
and for a while it’s true, I smile and laugh
enjoy my life, forget about the past
but reality shows it’s ugly face, brings back all the pain
you’ve really only blocked it out, nothing much been gained

You surround yourself with photo’s, and little treasured items
in an attempt to keep them close, raw withheld emotions
but still they seem so far away
nothing really brings them back
feeling so alone I pray
let me off this one way track
I would prefer to join them, than to go through all this again
it makes you wonder who’ll be next?
these feelings make you cold and drained

Though you hope that they are well
not one person can really tell
but what brings a little piece of mind
is all the others they’ve left behind
remember that we’re all the same
all our lives have changed
even though in different ways
we’ve got one common bond
each one of us has loved and lost
this special person left, and gone
here we are, all brought together
parents, siblings, friends and lovers
it’s time to say our last goodbyes
as they make their way, up to the skies

for some that might be it
over and complete
but not for me, oh no
this still goes on, this sorry show
the memories still live on
“it gets easier” . . . . but they’re wrong
all it takes is just one thought
for these feelings to surface, still so fraught

some say they understand
been there, seen it, all first hand
but how could they possibly feel what I do?
for they never even knew you
because you were one in a million
one of those shining stars
that’s why I feel so troubled
with deep and wounded scars

each time I lose a loved one
a part of me dies too
they each take a piece of my heart
when that time comes for us to part
I wonder if that’s when my time will come
when there’s nothing left to take
with the fading of the sun, no reason to stay awake


Poems About Grief And Loss Of A Mother

Shore Of Sorrow’s Sea
By Patricia L. Cisco

By the shore of Sorrow’s sea,
waves of tears roll endlessly,

cries that pierce this misty veil,
on wings of echoed winds take sail,

osmium heart, head bowed in hand,
her lonely footprints on the sand.

By the shore of Sorrow’s sea,
sitting, waiting patiently,

holding every memory
on this side of eternity,

a mother’s love will always be
by the shore of Sorrow’s sea.

Until the day her soul is free,
she strolls the shore of Sorrow’s sea.

poems about grief and loss of a mother
poems about grief and loss of a mother


I’m Here For You
By Meljo

I feel your sadness
Oh how can I take away your tears
You are truly one incredible mother
Who’s been through so much in all those years

My dearest dearest Lisa
I don’t know what to say
Oh so much tragedy
Has finally come your way

I wish I could take some of your misery
And share part of your deep wrenching pain
I wish that God would somehow reject Dom in heaven
And brings him back to us again

I wish I can just come right over
And tell you that everything is alright
I wish I can just do something, anything
Or just to hold you tight

I know you just want to be alone right now
To try and make sense of what’s going on
To try and answer the many ‘why’ questions
And how to ever move on

I wish you will eventually find some comfort
In knowing that you did your best
But there was nothing that anyone could’ve done for our little angel
And now he lays to rest

I’m sure he knows how much he was loved by you
He had the best Mummy in the whole wide world
Who would trade her life for him if she could
If only that was possible

I know that no one can take away your suffering
Or even really feel your pain
But I want you to know that I’m here for you
Waiting for you to get back on your feet again.


By Colleen Ranney

Sometimes I catch a glimpse,
In softened waves of blue,
My child, my heart …when I see a smile,
I can’t help but think of you.

Sometimes these waves fill oceans.
And feelings string on every shore,
A collections of each memory
And every way I wish for more.

Sometimes I watch for answers
Because each day I call to you.
I ask for faith and courage
And strength…to help me through.

Sometimes I ask for bravery
Like dolphins in the deep,
Because time moves oh so slowly,
And sometimes the road is steep.

Sometimes I want to scream.
This was not what I had planned.
Why you ever suffered,
A mom can’t understand.

Sometimes I hear your laughter
And remember you at play,
But My Child I always miss you.
Not sometimes, but every day.


poems about grief and hope
Poems about grief and hope

I’m So Alone After Mom Died
By Theola

I’m so alone, it’s so dark…
When is the sun going to shine again?

The sky is dark, my world is grey….
When are the flowers going to bloom and make this hurt go away?

My mommy is gone, I feel her presence…
The thought of not seeing her again takes my breath away.

The hurt, the pain, I cannot describe…
It’s like my blood quit flowing inside.

I wake up each morning to begin a new day
In hopes that this hollow feeling will go away.

My thoughts of my Mommy bring happiness and peace…
Then the truth overcomes, and I feel so incomplete.

I know she loves me, and she is free of pain,
But I would love to see her again.

I’m so alone, it’s so dark…
When is the sun going to shine again?


Who You’d Be
By Deidra Reed

My days are filled with thoughts of you
and of the babies you’d have by now too.
I wonder if they would have your smile,
your ornery laugh or charismatic style.

I wonder what kind of man you’d be,
would you act like your dad, or be more like me?
Would the years have been kind?
Would you be graying now?
I wish I knew the answers somehow.

We took for granted the time we had,
always fighting, always mad.
When you were just a baby, you see,
we grew up together, just you and me.
It wasn’t until you became a teen,
our words toward each other became so mean.
Most say it’s because we were exactly the same,
the only thing different was our gender and name.

I have so many regrets, don’t you see?
The tears won’t stop flowing. I’m just not me.
If I could change a few rough years,
maybe that would stop the tears.
On second thought, that can’t be true,
’cause I’d still be here without you.

See how my mind is just not the same?
A careless friend and a wreck are to blame.
I’m supposed to be at work right now,
focused on this crap somehow,
but as thoughts of you come wandering in,
I can’t help but pick up this pen.

I think I write to release the pain
before I totally go insane.
It hurts so much to not see your face.
Nothing could ever take your place.

So once again,
before I go,
there’s a few more things I want you to know.

I’m sorry for the bad times and so grateful for the good.
If I could trade you places,
you bet I would.
You’re alive in my thoughts
and alive in my heart.
Even death can’t keep us apart.

So wait by the gate and watch for me,
’cause I don’t know how long I’ll be.

Love, Mom


Poems About Grief And Loss Of A Father

You Live Daddy!
By Tessie M. Santiago

I stand alone with you in my mind
Your words taught me how to survive
Your strength never let me down
Now you’re gone
I won’t disappoint you daddy
But my tears will remain in my eyes
My heart will hurt forever
Sorry I never told you what you deserved
You cared for me and I took you for granted
You live alive in my heart
Thank you for loving me from the start.


poems about grief and loss of a father
Poems about grief and loss of a father


My Dad
By Desiree Kimbrue

Do you know how it feels to lose someone?
How you go through grief and pain?
I know how that feels,
and how it feels to always live in rain.
I remember it like it was yesterday,
how I stood by my dad’s side.
And how I couldn’t bear to look at him,
but all I did was cry.
I knew I couldn’t help him,
I couldn’t fix his pain.
I couldn’t stop myself from crying,
I couldn’t help him in any way.
I wanted to help my dad,
but they said it was too late.
How could it have come to this,
to this horrible fate?
My dad was loving,
he was a caring guy.
Maybe he wasn’t perfect,
but he didn’t cheat, steal or lie.
I loved my dad.
I loved him with all my heart.
But there was nothing I could do.
It was too late from the start.
They said they caught it too late,.
There was nothing they could do
but just let him pass on.
It was hard, but it was true.
It’s been almost a year.
It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.
And it still hurts,
but he’s now where he belongs.
No matter what happens,
he’ll always be loved,
until the day I die
and I join him up above.
He’s up there somewhere with God.
He’s in his rightful place.
And even though I want him back,
it’s a tragedy I have to face.
Sometimes at night
I cry myself to sleep.
But through the year of darkness,
the depression I’ll have to defeat.
His love
is what keeps me hanging on.
Love is a strong word,
Because it’s kept me alive this long.
But there is one more thing
that I have to say.
My dad’s love will go on and on,
and he’s in my heart to stay.


A Poem For My Dad
By Maureen Haf

It’s been three years since you left us, and I still miss you so
I wish I could have held you tight so you didn’t have to go
But that would have been so selfish, as you were in such pain
But I know that when my time comes I will see you once again

We never spoke of how we felt, but I hope you always knew
How proud I was to call you dad, and how much I loved you
They tell me whilst I still walk the earth, you will still be here
I remind people so much of you, and they’re words I love to hear

If I could have just one more day with you to tell you
All the things I never did, and for now I cannot do
So till we meet again, dear Dad, I’ll keep you in my heart
And when we meet up once again we will never have to part.


Goodbye Is Not Forever
By Lian Weber

Grandpa, if I could talk to you,
there’s so much I would say
But I’ll say it in a letter if I may.
We’ve changed so much and we love you a bunch.
We still have our ups and our downs,
our smiles and our frowns,
but we still manage to get around.
We’re happy and sad, confused and mad,
and it’s not the same without you, that’s for sure.
I know you loved me right when I was born,
but now I can only mourn.
The fact that you’re gone
is too much for me to bear anymore.
I love you so much, send love, kisses and such,
but I still wish you were with us here.
Times are getting so rough,
but I’m still trying to stay tough.
I’ll never truly let you go.
Can you hear me up there?
I want you to know I still care and love you so.
You were a wonderful man, I know,
and nobody wanted you to go,
but there you went. You flew like a bird,
and a goodbye I don’t recall I heard.
There’s so much I wish you could see,
so much I wish I could say,
but for now I’ll say I love you,
and visit me in my dreams if that’s okay.
I remember being held in your arms,
and you’d keep me from harm.
That’s the way you always were.
You knew how to light up a room
like nobody else could,
and you’d make people laugh.
You really would!
This is so difficult for me to write,
but I’d like to say how I feel if I might.
Nowadays, there’s always some sort of fight.
Why couldn’t you be here?
Are you proud of who I’ve become?
I pray for you. Do you pray for me?
Please pray for Grandma, Mom, Dad & Luke too.
My life feels like one big dirty pile,
but I still try to smile because I have hope,
that you might be watching down on us still.
I’m scared and glad but enough I’ve had!
I need you here with me.
Grandpa won’t you listen to me?
Life isn’t a breeze,
but at least I had you here for a while.
I have faint memories of you,
but when the house was a zoo,
you were always there to help out.
So much has changed.
Physically, emotionally,
and with living situations too.
Oh how I wish I could tell you.
Friends, family, school,
how do I cope with it all?
I wish we could talk.
I wish we could see each other again,
but I do hope to see you once more.
So when I am feeling low,
I hope that from my heart, you will never go.
But for now what I will say,
is that I will see you again some way
I miss you more than my heart can tell,
or my face can show but again,
I remind myself that from my heart,
you will never go.
I will see you again someday,
and you are never truly far away.
-Your granddaughter

Grandpa, I love you so much.


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