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What is Spoken Word Poetry?

Spoken word poetry is a form of poetry that doesn’t have to rhyme, but certain parts can be rhymed to emphasize an image or give it a lyrical quality. Spoken word poems will sometimes contain elements of hip-hop, folk music, or jazz to enhance the rhythmic presentation.

Spoken Word Poetry Examples

spoken word poetry about love
Spoken Word Poetry about Love

-Line Gauthier

I have little control
over the world’s travesties
I have power
over little more
than my thoughts
my words my actions
so put away that sharp tongue
so as to never sting or slash
best choose to be kind
so as never to regret
the smile not given
the kind word or
compliment not granted
to love
and spread kindness
as best I can.


famous spoken word poetry
Famous Spoken Word Poetry

-Line Gauthier

They’re big fans of themselves
basking in mirrored glory
their own shadows they adore
will talk your ear off
if you let them
they’re everywhere
I unwittingly attract them ~
I may as well be a magnet
they love me because I’m quite happy
being polite not talking about myself
gives them the whole stage to themselves

It gets old though when
I finally have something I want to share
how dare I want to hold the mike
for a whole five minutes in the spotlight

Guess what~ they can’t even pretend
to be interested ~ so that’s the end of that.


spoken word poetry
Spoken Word Poetry about Love

Being Honest
-Rich Rogers

Shocking as it may seem to believe,
I dislike iTunes Christian and gospel genre.
The only explanation I can fathom,
Is that all its songs sound the same to me.

My preference is hip hop and pop,
Lecrae and Andy Mineo are my tops.
I do like Ariana when listening to pop,
Mostly I rock to the Apple’s pop.

I love J. Cole’s “Brackets” so much,
I even wrote about it for my class.
So much truth exposed in the song,
It’s impossible to ignore the message.

My focus effects my reality,
I keep Jesus as my centerpiece.
Without him, a me there wouldn’t be,
Connected like the roots of a tree.


spoken word poetry near me
Spoken Word Poetry Near Me


Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
Never had known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
So many different do’s , don’t , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely scared.
What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.


how to write spoken word poetry
How to Write Spoken Word Poetry

No walls
-Kale Brereton

Man didn’t create the planets
He didn’t make them spin
He didn’t create love
Or the warm feelings it brings

He didn’t create the unspoken language of hugs
Protecting love between
He didn’t create our smiles
Or the laughter it sings
Remember the unspoken language
Isn’t language at all
Its something that no walls
or borders can contain.


Spoken Word Poetry about Love

Today Is A Gift
Eve Roper

Hold on to those moments

Of Spoken words of




Tomorrow might never

Become the present


Spoken Word Poetry

by Line Gauthier

speaking from the heart with divine eloquence
streams of elegance

inner sanctum exudes angelic beauty
loving devotee

appreciating all marvels of the world
so much love unfurled

a most kind exquisite spirit knows no bounds
and as such astounds

speaking from the heart with divine eloquence
such lovely fragrance
love’s inheritance.


Spoken Word Poetry

A Whisper
-Jim Skinner

With the softest voice ,she speaks.
A simple caress implied.
My mind races with thoughts ,of exctassy,
vision blurred,I tried.
Shadows of glimpses,caught ,
some how, not heard.
The pure pleasure ,
the pain,
of the mere, spoken word.
Time hinges,on a thought,percieved
Whispers of the Love recieved.
Solid now in form and feel,
the word is a bond,
I know is real.
The heart given ,as it speaks,
a Whisper,
the soul yet seeks.


Spoken Word Poetry about Love

-Sandra Haight

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Spoken Word Poetry Lyrics

I’ll Love You Forever
-Michele gay

I’ll Love You Forever

I loved you then,
I love you still,
No matter what,
I always will.

Through thick and thin,
right and wrong,
I still love you,
And have all along.

I love you so much,
And things will get better.
I’ll never give up,
I’ll love you forever.


If you love her
-Gershon Wolf

Listen to her with all of you
Your fists clenched
Your lips together
Your head moving, slightly, side to side

Perched on the edge of your seat
Tilt your spine forward

Search for the soul deep within her eyes
Gently … Don’t frighten her

Make her feel she is the most important person in the whole world
Nothing else matters except what she is telling you

Hear what is in her voice
Her interests … become yours

Capture her heart
Never let it go


The Pain Game
Jerry T Curtis

Why do people, want to cause
Other people pain
Where is the Love
That will break the chain

Someone says something
Then it’s tit-for-tat
I’ve played this before
We all know the score
Now who’s up at bat

I think it’s time, for us to play
The self healing game
Before there’s no one, left
Around to blame

One that’s more thoughtful
And much less insane
Let’s reach for the Sun
And help everyone
Come out of the rain

All we have, is this fleeting chance
To get this right
No time for jealousies
No time to fight

Don’t say, that you’re sorry
Don’t seek to forgive
Just start here today
And throw it away
And learn how to live


Summer Of Enchantment
-Nicholas windle

Warm evenings have that lazy feel,
As the sun sets upon the day.
An orange ball suspended,
As all cares now swept away.
The exotic smells in the perfumed air,
That lies heavy all around.
Mimosa now that in full bloom,
As its branches drape the ground.
Do you ever look at the sky?
As the stars come out at night.
When you’re held by that someone specials arms,
And don’t want to say goodnight.
Though no spoken word is uttered,
As eyes gaze into eyes
It’s said there windows to the soul,
Mere feelings can’t disguise.
Love can just be fleeting,
With precious thoughts we steal.
And in that brief encounter,
We know that it’s for real.


-Line Gauthier

it’s the perfection
of your expression
that touches me
in the depths
of my heart

it’s the melody
of your words
that reaches
the inner ear
of my soul

it’s the silences
of what is not said
that delivers
its charm to the roots
of my being.



I looked after an old lady and she always used to say
‘Three things never come back…
The spoken word, the sped arrow, and the neglected opportunity’
I look back on my life, yes I have regrets
Of the things I’ve done, or I haven’t done
The things I’ve said or I haven’t said
We must remember, life is all too short
None of us know what is around the corner
So seize the moment and do it now
Grab every opportunity you can
Tell people around you that you love them
For tomorrow may never come…
Carpe Diem – seize the day.


Stay Strong
-Whitney-Renee Johnson

Don’t do it.
Don’t fall back into that dark hole.
Not again.
You’re strong.
You’re very strong.
You’ve come far and you are able to go further.
Don’t give up.
You got this.
I promise.
Mom is watching.
She’s proud of you.
Just because you made
A few bad decisions
Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.
She loves you.
But you have to learn
How to love yourself.
You’re not that person who’s trying to take over your body.
Fight against her.
That’s not you.
You’re stronger than your enemy.

Don’t do it.
Don’t fall back into that dark hole.
Not again.
You ARE strong.
Now look in the mirror
And tell that reflection
That she is beautiful.
Because you are.


Lines of Love
-Joy Nicole

I read about some love today.
I could only smile.
Closed my eyes
to that good feeling,
glad that yearning’s still alive.

I read about some love today.
Put myself in her shoes.
It made me giddy
that it was comforting,
Fell in love with the view.

I read about some love today.
Read the caution ‘tween the lines.
The nervousness
of the unknown,
but it eases over time.

I read about some love today.
Felt peace in what was theirs.
The type of love
so love filled,
that you mention it in prayers.

I read about some love today.
Only shed a single tear.
This isn’t love you just read about,
This is love that you must feel.


A Little Knowledge
-Carole Duet

We are judged by lies and by someone else’s crimes.
They think they know so much but a little knowledge is dangerous stuff.

They can’t forget what others did to them to make the truth appear so dim.
So now we must fight or be in dark light.

Give us people who are strong who know right from wrong,
Give us those who are proud to fight for our youth and for truth.

We stand for freedom of the mind and love of a different kind.
Stand up oh ye brave hearts and do your part.
Let freedom of speech ring because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


She’s Coming
-Rich Rogers

Not meant to be alone forever,
Someone special is reserved for me.
I have the eyes of a machine, x-ray,
Color is society’s impenetrable gateway.

I want a woman I can be real with,
She appreciates me like she gets.
I pray she will be patient with me,
Being verbally open is hard to be.

Ecstatic to have a family of my own,
A foreshadowed dream in my mind.
My wife will change me in ways unseen,
I will be changed from who I used to be.

No roads are the same, only similar,
We will meet face to face I pray.
We each have our own path in life,
I pray one day I will have a wife.


May the Love of Jesus Touch You
-Jim Pemberton

May the Love of Jesus Touch You!

May the love of Jesus bless and touch you!
May his presence be with
and uplift you!

May the joys of the love make
you complete!
And touch you, from your
head to your feet!

May the glory of the lord
be with and keep you!
His majestic power can really touch you!

May the words that he’s spoken,
touch your spirit!
His mercy and salvation…
He freely give it!

May the sweetness of Jesus,
into your life bring!
His righteousness and beauty!
Your everything!

May you take some time
with Jesus in prayer?
How much he loves you!
How much he cares!


I Do Believe
-Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD

“I Do Believe”

The purpose of LIFE is to {Living In Faith Ever}
to enrich God within us
to an optimum level
so that We as Humans
can be guided by God
to fuel out brothers and sisters
with the same driving force
to connect with the living God,
to His existence and
to See the Invisible,
Believe the Incredible, and
to Receive the Impossible
to our everlasting journey
to Heaven.


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