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Short Sad Love poems about love are a means of emotional catharsis for teens offering a way to identify and relieve painful emotions. Read sad love poems, That’s are broken heart, lost love, sorry and breakup love. Nearly all the required reading in poetry focuses on heartbreak.

sad love poems
Short Sad Love Poems


Just saying your name makes me realize
how much meaning you add to my life
I watch your actions every day
and long to hold and kiss you when I’m awake
but reality dawns a rainy day
a world of fantasy and dismay

In my dreams I make you mine
I hold you ’til the end of time
but when I awake to find that you’re not there
my world is full of sorrow and despair
and reality, like a rushing wind, destroys my hope
my everything.

© Keioma Livan


short sad love poems
Famous sad love poems for Her

I Hoped

I hoped you’d be my last,
but you changed very fast.

I tried to be strong,
but I don’t know what went wrong.

I tried and tried, yet I failed.
You still left and set sail.

All we had turned to dust
while my heart started to rust.

© MarcoKirstein


short sad poems about love
Short Sad Poems About Love

Love Hurts

Everyone says that love hurts
But that not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Everyone confuses these things with love.
But in reality love is the only thing in the world
That covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.

© Unknown


feeling painful poems
Sad Love Poems for him


I wish this world of darkness would come to an end
I lost a girl, I lost a friend
I’d give it all back if I only could
I’ve said it a million times, I know I would
I miss her more and more every day
She’s gone, and my world is dark and grey
My life is a cloud of endless rain
I wish I could escape the endless pain
What’s the point of living if she’s gone
There is no sun, there is no dawn
In my endless world of darkness….

© Brendan Michael Pagano-Staffaroni


love lost poetry
Sad love poems that make you cry

The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Do

The hardest thing I’ll ever do
Is let go of you
And look forward instead of back at my past,
I wonder how long this broken heart will last.
I guess everything you ever said was a lie,
So I’m going to move forward, or at least I’m going to try.
How many times can a heart crack before it shatters?
Or does it even matter?
I’ve sat and cried over you way too much,
Just wishing one more time I could feel your touch.
But you don’t care, and neither should I.
So I’m going to move on, or at least I’m going to try.

© Leal Ashae Sargent



I want to love again,
but my heart will not obey
I want to be happy,
but depression always occurs
I want to stop crying,
but my tears keep falling
I want to smile,
but a frown always appear on my face

© Monica



Lying in bed, my eyes resisting to close.
Thoughts and anger I try to dispose.
Thoughts of you stain my mind.
So many questions with answers I cannot find.

Hurt and confused as to why.
You’d always say you love me, but that was a repetitive lie.
I gave you all my love, but it wasn’t enough.
Breaking my heart, you thought it made you tough.

I don’t know what it is that you gain
When you push me around and see me in pain.
Do you feel empowered? Do you feel strong?
What did I do to you that was so wrong?

You ripped and shattered my soul.
Now all that’s left of my heart is one giant hole.
Nothing but emptiness and darkness take its place.
My heart vanished without a trace.

© Kayla Marie


Living Again

Running, running
far away.
Escaping dreams
of yesterday.
Faster, faster
there I go.
Forgetting things
you’ll never know.
Dying, dying
deep inside.
Find a place
for me to hide.
Catching, catching
up with me.
No more running
from reality.
Stopping, stopping
let me cry.
Finding a way
to say goodbye.

© Tina Manning Harding


Falling Apart

She wakes up every morning
to screaming and crying.
the tears are burning,
because of all the scratching.
she feels as if she is not needed anymore,
and is constantly punching the door.
her body hurts because of her broken heart,
of falling in love and then falling apart.
she wants him back,
but she thinks it won’t last.
only because it seems like he doesn’t want her anymore,
and now she wants to go through the floor.
you say you love her, but this is no way to prove it,
now the knife and her heart have met.
he played with her love like it was a game,
now it’ll never be the same!

© Ashley-Marie Krug


Let’s Go Back To The Beginning

It was never like this…
In the beginning all we did was laugh
Now that we are married it’s like we have to argue and that has to be part of our lives.
We have a son now, and look at us… I feel like we’re falling apart
Every day I hope it changes and we go back to how it was
But I guess those days are over and all we have left is the beautiful memories of the past.
Why do people go through this?
Is it just a test, or is it how it ends it all
How come we were not able to see this from the beginning?
That way we wouldn’t of broken our first son’s heart.

© Alhely J. Liceaga



I always have these tears to cry,
and I’m left with all these wondering questions of why?
Why can’t we seem to get over the past,
and come together and be a whole at last?
Why won’t you at least try to believe what I say,
instead of just pushing me away?
Why do I keep putting myself out there,
and you don’t even seem to care?
I have these emotions I wish you would see,
so I wouldn’t be left with the questions of,
“Will he or won’t he?”
Will he ever love me like he used to,
and give me the things I once knew?
Won’t he see,
I feel I don’t know him anymore,
and let himself go back to how he was before?
Will I still hurt when I heal,
or will he finally let me feel?

© Raychel


Nobody Knows

Nobody knows it’s empty,
The smile that I wear.
The real one is left behind in the past
Because I left you there…

Nobody knows I am crying.
They won’t even see my tears.
When they think I am laughing,
I wish you were here…

Nobody knows it’s painful.
They think that I am strong.
They say it won’t kill me,
But I wonder if they are wrong…

Nobody knows I miss you.
They think I am all set free,
But I feel like I am bound with chains,
Trapped in the mystery…

Nobody knows I need you.
They think I can do it on my own,
But they don’t know I am crying
When I am all alone…

© Azumi Zaima


Your Path, My Heartbreak

You are blinded by shame
For all you have done
It hurts me so bad
That I was never number one.

I understand your pain
Or at least say that I do.
But really, inside,
I am just as lost as you.

You understand my pain
Or at least you claim that you do.
But how can you understand something
That you have never been through.

I try to accept your reasoning
Though my heart breaks in half
I know who is more important
You chose the right path

Still I can’t grasp this concept
Of you being gone
My feelings never die
I know this is wrong.

I say that I’d do anything for you
That’s a promise I can no longer make
Loving you is inevitable
It’s something that I can’t fake.

© Chantal Vincent


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