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Valentine Day Poems For Wife

Valentine Day Poems For Wife
Valentine Day Poems For Wife

Couldn’t Live Life Without You

My wife you’ve never faltered,
Your love so strong and true,
You have my love on Valentine’s Day,
And also the whole year through,
I couldn’t live life without you,
I couldn’t face the days,
For you’re my friend, lover and partner,
And I will always want it that way.

© Janyce Cotterill


Please Be My Valentine

Please be my Valentine,
Not only on this day,
But every day throughout the year.
You’re my best friend in every way.
You are my box of Chocolates,
In each piece a sweet surprise.
You shower me with diamonds,
With the sparkles in your eyes.
You are my Valentine candy,
With the loving words you say.
You’re like my dozen roses,
You are my heart’s bouquet.
You touch me with a tenderness
That gently warms my heart.
You truly are my lifeblood.
I pray we’ll never part.
You’ve given my life meaning,
Like no other throughout my life.
You always bring me comfort
When my heart is filled with strife.
You are my ray of sunshine.
You’re truly my best friend.
Our souls are joined together
In a closeness that’ll never end.
You’ll always be my sweetheart,
Beyond the end of time.
You give me so much happiness.
Please be my Valentine.

© Robert B. Anderson


To the love of my life
Sweet Love Poem For Wife

My Darling Wife

My Darling Wife
You’ve had some strife
We came through it all
Because of you

Kids have now grown
Our nest they’ve flown
They have lovely children
Because of you

My love for you is everlasting and never ending


© Belinda Ellingham


To the love of my life

To the love of my life,
My beautiful sweet wife,
Our lives will always be demanding,
So let’s come to an understanding.

Our love for God comes first
So our marriage won’t be cursed.
We believe in this
To live a life of bliss.

Our love for one another comes second,
For better or worse I reckon.
For richer or for poorer,
Our love has never been surer.

Our love for our kids comes third
So their future isn’t blurred.
We will teach them love
So they don’t push and shove.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Is what I want to say
And to tell you, my wife,
That you are the love of my life.

© Joe Finger