8 Best Poems About Missed Opportunities


Life gives every person opportunities, good or bad. Some fail miserably from previous opportunities and don’t take risks again, and some try to take advantage of those opportunities and move on. Those who fail are those who try. How will those who don’t try fail? Keep trying and you will get success. If you have …

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It’s More Important to Be Happy Than to Be Rich Poems

It's More Important to Be Happy Than to Be Rich

Is happiness just about acquiring more wealth? No, not at all. Wealth can be related to happiness to some extent but not all happiness can be bought by wealth like parents, siblings and their love. Later, even if there is wealth, some diseases are incurable. Don’t seek your happiness only in wealth, be grateful for …

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14 Best Poems About Truth and Honesty

Best Poem About Truth

Truth saves and lies destroy. No one believes a liar. Many lies are used to cover a lie. Inspirational best and short poems about truth and honesty are given here. Truth Is The Sun ========== Lie And Truth Poet: James Henry Thomas ”Good morning, Lie” said Truth one day; ”Where are you going up this …

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8 Inspirational Poems About Success And Hard Work

Inspirational Poems About Success And Hard Work

What do you think success is? Is it to acquire a lot of wealth, to acquire some values, to make a place in someone’s heart or something else. Success can vary from person to person. Here are the inspirational poems about success that will tell you real success. What Is Success ========== You May Succeed …

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8 Short Poems About Overcoming Challenges

Poems About Overcoming Challenges

Are you facing challenges in life? The problems you face can only be fixed when you fight your own battles. Do yourself a favor and stop depending on others. Solving the problems faced in life is only through patience and bravery. Short poems about overcoming challenges will give you motivation if you are facing challenges. …

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Famous Mindfulness Poems About Patience

Mindfulness Poem About Patience

Mindfulness poems about patience motivates that patience is essential to win any heart and achieve success. People always run away from a rash and angry person. So unless people support someone, success is impossible. Here are some poems that will motivate you to persevere. Sweet Patience ========= Patience Is A Flower That Grows Poet: Unknown …

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9 Encouraging Poems About Mistakes in Life

Poems About Mistakes

Every human makes mistakes but the question is whether he learns from them. To err is in human nature. Experiences are gained from mistakes. Instead of suffering from mistakes, we should learn from them and try to avoid them in future life. If you are looking for inspirational poems about mistakes, you will find them …

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7 Famous Poems About Let’s Go

Poems About Let's Go

Poems About Let’s Go tells us that we should not delay making any good decision in life. If we look back, we realize that we were late, we should have moved on. Today we pledge to go ahead and do something good. Here are some poems that will motivate you to move forward. Let Go …

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