Top 20 Angry Poems | Poems About Hate And Anger

Read these sad and angry poems which bring hatred to us all. Here is a list of Poems that tells a story about depression and anger.

Angry Poems
Angry Poems

I’M So Angry

I’m so angry I want to strangle someone
I’m so angry I can’t think right
I’m so angry I want to fight
I’m so angry I don’t like the night
I’m so angry that I’m not bright
I’m so angry I want to explode

I’m so angry love is nothing to me
I’m so angry I will never feel happiness
I’m so angry I will never feel sadness

I’m so angry I’m filled with this strangeness
I’m so angry I’m filled with this loneliness
I’m so angry love is nothing to me

ary bolanos


Angry poems about life
Angry poems about life

Angry World

It’s an angry world right now
Everyone is fighting with words
The blame game has begun
Politicians are all pointing
Their lengthy fingers
That will always hold money
They thrive on the power
Of being a so called politician
They are not seeing
The hopelessness

The homeless
The helpless


It’s a huge world
They are all elected to make the world a better place
It is just not happening.

Lyn Paul


Poems about angry
Poems about angry

Angry Words

Angry words can wound the strongest heart
and sour the brightest smile.
Bringing tears to the fairest eyes
and making the weakest howl.

We always hurt the ones
we should never hurt at all.
Our friends and family,
those would never wish us harm.
In an argument angry words are said,
they just tumble out of our head.
We wish afterwards we could turn back time,
but the words have been spoken and the damage done.

David Harris


Angry love poems
Angry love poems

Angry Women

Till up now
I did’nt understood yet
what she wants
what her thinking about me
what her feeling on me
that I only to know
is why she was angry
so fast
as her mouth open
shooot many words

when I tired
just came from
my office journey

Prasetya Utama


To an angry sister
To an angry sister

To An Angry Sister

Sister, my sister
Why is it that you speak so loud?
Is it your way to be noticed?
Or your way to make yourself count?
Tell me sister, who will listen?
Who will see?
The words coming out of your mouth
are only those of hatred and bitterness
turning the beautiful sight of you into an ugly one
Why my sister

Is it that you don’t care?
Is it your arrogance
That you appearently seem to think is fine?
Is it your ignorance
Which is obvious when you say those stupid things
Or is it just you being self-centered
Thinking that’s what the worlds looking for?
No, my lovely sister
Is that really all there’s to know about you?
Is that all you have to give?

I know better
You know better and guess what
The world knows better
So lift yourself up sister
And finally be proud of the queen you truely are!

Sranang Bromki


May be there in no towmorrow

Angry Storms

There is no tomorrow
No tomorrow
For us

There were too many yesterdays
To many
For us
Like boats
Shaken by angry storms
We twist
And break each other

Stay alive
Drawn together
In heaven’s smile

Martine Kolber


Famous angry poems
Famous angry poems

Of A Ministry Pitiful, Angry, Mean

Of a Ministry pitiful, angry, mean,
A gallant commander the victim is seen.
For promptitude, vigour, success, does he stand
Condemn’d to receive a severe reprimand!
To his foes I could wish a resemblance in fate:
That they, too, may suffer themselves, soon or late,
The injustice they warrent. But vain is my spite
They cannot so suffer who never do right.

Jane Austen


diamond hard with sharp

Angry Words Hurt

Diamond hard with sharp and bladey edge, at each thrust
As anger twists the fiery words’ serrated steel,
It undertakes to bring it’s victim to the dust.

Anger achieves, but leave anger well alone.
Fury hurts most those whom to fury are prone.

Fay Slimm


Anger Poems
Anger Poems

Depression Is Angry Again

Depression is raging.
In the mist of its anger.
It eats my happiness.
Fasting on my sadness.

Depression has its hold on me.
Throwing me into despair.
Making me more and more insane
As my mind it drains.
Depression’ll take me all the more
It dosent care so long as it has its hit.
It hates me every single bit.

Every day it kills me a bit more.
It wont stop till its had its frill
It wont stop till its got me dead.

Amy Louise Kerswell


alone, there is no one here


Alone, there is no one here, to hear my ‘.cry
I’m angry! this is the reason why!
I stand alone in my place of birth,
This God forsaken place on earth!
What do I know, what have I been taught
So many years and i still have naught
What have I missed, can I connect?
Is it my teaching or neglect!
I don’t blame those people, that brought me up
God! , they lived through humiliations cup!

This legacy of today
there must have been a better way
I’m Just a Guy who’s done his best!
So bugger you an all the rest!

Bob Gibson


once I saw mountains

Once I Saw Mountains Angry

Once I saw mountains angry,
And ranged in battle-front.
Against them stood a little man;
Aye, he was no bigger than my finger.
I laughed, and spoke to one near me,
“Will he prevail?”
“Surely,” replied this other;
“His grandfathers beat them many times.”
Then did I see much virtue in grandfathers..
At least, for the little man

Who stood against the mountains.

Stephen Crane


Angry Storm

The storm is an angry lion;
With one hoarse, strident roar
He sends the small animals
Scurrying to shelter.
The gnashing of his teeth
Is a flash of sparks
That precedes the raucous
Rumble of his voice.
His nebulous mane is dark and dense,
A signal of his danger.

With an icy claw
He strikes and slashes the saplings,
Striving to evict his prey.
Failing in this,
He drenches their domain
With bitter tears of rage.

Kim Barney


An Angry Mother!

Spiking is cruel, when I come to your home,
I have observed the wicked smile in every Rome,
Over the years I have gone feeble, but look strong,
my numbing nerves send the signals wrong.

Mixed with solvent not to get detected quicker,
Solids can be added to add some more flavor,
Served in the beautiful cups to get distracted,
Spiking becomes everyday occurrence yet to be noted.
Bees never spiked me to build their hives to save honey,
Birds may dip their beaks; but never break the rules of nature,
The greens obedience must be emulated, the treacherous,
Are the human, who have spiked me for momentous pleasures.

They call me mother to nourish my emotion to cheat me further.
They call me lonely to make me depressed to play with my treasures.
They call me generous, as I still have precious 20km high breathing air,
Whatever they flatter, my anger can’t be contained in the earthen Jar.

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi


I Am An Angry Bird

Over 50 Million brothers are
all over the world,
being dragged to the right angle,
without giving a word.

They make mistakes and mistakes,
which are again and again without rest.
We just swoop to the sticks,
just like keeping fail in the test.
Hey man!
We have feel, I feel painful.
You play still, it is unrespectful.

You just keep on doing this,
I must give you a hiss.

‘We have feel, I feel painful.
You play still, it is unrespectful.’
This makes a bird angry,
buy you think I m funny.

Tang Trevor


Angry At You!

My eyes feel so heavy,
from a distinct lack of sleep,
i get in bed lay as still as a corpse,
then i feel my eyes begin to weep,
you buzzing about,
constantly on my mind,
searching for answeres,
i know i’ll never find,
my eyes so puffy and swollen,
from all the tears that i have cried,

so many questions,
i feel like my brain has been fried,
how could that thing,
be worth more than any of us?
yes i am upset,
and damn right i’ll make a fuss,
think you can waltz back in,
and take anything you choose?
you’ve picked me on the wrong day,
for today i only have a short fuse,

see when you were at home,
it was great to have a mum so hip,
but your just a cheating b*tch,
oops, sorry did i let that slip?
yes i am very hurt and angry at you,
but i wont tell you to your face,
your nothing but a scumbag,
a complete and utter waste of space,
you had everything from me,
my love, respect, affection,
but you no longer give me,
that satisfying motherly protection,
i wish i could wipe my memory clean,
or wake up in the morning,
and this will all have been a bad dream!

Emma Jane Rae


My Angry Cat

You’re repeating yourself
for the twentieth time.
Is there another man in my life?
Yes. Yes. What did you think?
Even graveyards have visitors.
There are, my dear sir,
a lot of men out there,
and no garden is ever devoid of birds.
You’re just an experience I had,
and here I am,

tired and bored from this experience,
out from under your spell.
I’m cured of all
my weakness and gullibility.
Niceties do, after all, always end.
You love me!
There you go again,
dredging up all that ancient history.
And since when did you ever show
the slightest interest in me

outside the contour of my hips?
Where does this sudden gush of love come from?
I was never anything more
than a forsaken chair
among your expensive furniture,
a garden you chose to raze
without shame or repentance.
Why are you staring at my breasts
as if you owned them?
And why do you weep as if you
stood before a lost kingdom?
Your glorious kingdom, dear sir,
has just crumbled.
There. I’ve settled my score
in an instant.
You tell me now
who’s losing the game.
I opened myself to you
like the Garden of Eden,
gave you all the sweet fruit
and green grass you desired.
Today I offer you
neither heaven nor hell.
This is what you get
for acting the ungrateful.
You faithless. If you’d only treated me
like a human being – just once –
this other man wouldn’t exist.

Nizar Qabbani


Angry Youth

Angry youth
can’t take the truth
immaturity, blocking all
of lifes receptors.

Spoken from
a pain of one
that had been there, done that
owns life reflectors.
Blockage pause
by minds own chosen cause
not allowing healing to take place.

Rejected by
all who’ve known
that frown permanently painted
your anger, unwilling to erase.

Move on, get over it

that burden of angers load.
Fermenting in your sweetness
now souring your youthful soul.

Let the God you say does not exist
unfold your fingers
which now seen folded fists.

Before it is too late for you to recover
from the anger you are invoking.
Now hands around necks of others
in angery words you are choking.

Linda Winchell


An Angry Sea

As the sea rose up and down wind and tempest tossed
Hands on board began to shout we’ll be forever lost
The captain of the wavering ship began to take a stance
Set the sails and man the helms there’ll be no other chance

Sea waves became so violent as if they had no fear
Some sailors manned the front and others covered the rear
The ship began rocking to and fro on top of the rugged sea
None could ever have imagined how an angry sea could be
They said to one another we must act quickly to be saved
Fear began to grip some then others soon ranted and raved
Water began to rush in and covered the deck round about
We must all abandon ship and they soon began to bail out

They threw their rafts into the water and shouted with a roar
Then jumped overboard and stuck together then soon began to oar
Their ship began to waver and started very slowly to sink
The Lord of the Seas had spoken as they all began to think

Patricia Grantham


The Angry People

these are the angry people
they claim they were cheated
the tax man was a thief
their life was brought to grief
and yet their wealth is great

they are afraid of shadows
their soul is a tree of death
it’s only fruit is hatred
that brings death back to them

they claim a bitter god

in spring they dream of war
at dawn they watch the news
and as the day subsides
they appreciate the view
and take a lavish meal

they lock the door at night
a gun is by their side

they jump at every sound
and what the night may hide
they believe deception’s plan

Barry Middleton


So Angry!

I am so angry
This hate is so pure
I feel like you are doing something wrong
But I don’t know for sure

It’s screaming at me to hurt them too
Maybe they are in the right
But I don’t know
To stop the tears all I can do is fight
My lungs burn
Because you have this hurt and anger inside
They just don’t see it
They are blind

I wish they could feel my pain
But I wish for them never to ask
Because they don’t know me
I just keep concealing my feelings under a happy mask
Some days I think I don’t care
I’m sick of hiding this fear
How would they understand anyway
I can’t even see myself clear

Why bother then
Why even try
I hurt so badly
At night all I can do is cry

It makes me so angry
So mad
I am able to hide my hurting
But they tell the world when they’re sad

Can’t they do what everyone else does
Pretend their feelings aren’t there
For the world to see
For the world to bear
Like me!
Urg! This just isn’t fair

Candy Simpson


Don’T Be Angry

Don’t be angry, Joanne,
I cant be anymore,
Be the man you want me to be,
Oh Oh! ! please darling,
Let us end this hence forth,
Call me a fool,
You can’t rule
This broken heart of mine,
Baby, Baby be my slayer,
As I say my prayer,

Dont be angry my love.

Just wave good bye
Save the tears
For another man
who is worthy
Of your plan
Oh Joanne, darling
Time will come

When you can see
What I was all about
Then you might
Look for me
And when you find me
Only in your memories
Darling don’t you cry
My love and don’t you be angry

Don’t be angry my love,
I cant be anymore
Be the fool you want me to be,
Oh Oh! ! please baby,
Kiss me bye bye and let me go,
Call me a loser
You have made me wiser,
Don’t be angry my love.

Reshma Ramesh


Angry Clouds

I’m touched by how a young child describes
With incredible expression and vibes…
Driving with Matthew strapped in his car seat
He shared a story I would like to repeat

Big dark gray clouds were sweeping by
He began to tell that he was worried and why
The clouds are angry he observantly relayed
They were like the mean ones he saw yesterday.
Still vivid in his mind were images reminding
Of a raging storm with rain that was blinding
The storm was mad; it tried to knocked him down
The lightening electrocuted the sky all around

The thunder was so loud it made him want to cry…
The clouds you see today will pass and say goodbye
Look the street is dry and the sun will peek out soon
Don’t be afraid, let’s have lunch it’s almost noon

Theresa Ann Moore


Angry Soldier

Soldier in your chair of anger
all alone with your deepest pain.
For the way that people now look at you
over and over and over again.

You fought a war that was not your own
on foreign land so far away.
Then came home to loved ones family and friends
in a much, much different way.
Your legs removed your arms now gone
we welcomed you back with flags and patriotic songs.
But now you sit forgotten and alone
while away the bank has taken your home.

So why not sit in the anger you feel?
it is all of what you see to be real.
You fought to protect a world unknown
away from all that you called your home sweet home!

Linda Winchell


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