Eloise A. Skimings Famous Poems

Eloise A. Skimings was born in 1836 in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. She devoted her entire life to teaching children. She was the principal at Goderich School and also taught music. She wrote the book Golden Leaves in 1904.

A better quote is written at the beginning of this book. “Like whisperings from soul to soul may these Golden Leaves inspire my readers, as I have been inspired, to acts of benevolence, to a study of our beautiful English language, to keep it pure and unsullied, and to acts of kindness, no matter in what sphere of life we are placed.” She left this world in 1921 but will always live in the hearts of people because of her best work.

Thine Heart Is Light

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Eloise A Skimings Famous Poems

Thine heart is light,
Then keep it so;
Drive sorrow from your heart
Where’er you go.

Be a friend good and true,
To those you love;
O’er their path blossoms strew,
To bloom above

In the crown for God’s own
Who trust in him;
And reap what he has sown,
Like Seraphim.

Keep thou before the mast
On life’s rude sea;
Love’s pilot rules the blast
For you and me.


To The Land Of Beauty

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Gone is thy loved one to that land of beauty
Where the immortals bloom divinely fair;
Where innocence blossoms with love and duty.
Brought by earth’s pearls so rich and rare.

Thy darling has pass’d thro’ the beautiful gates
To the fair golden City of Rest ;
With her angelic robes she patiently waits
For those whom she lov’d on earth the best.


I Recall

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Purest love flows from thy soul.
Happiness dwells in thy heart;
Other friends can I enroll,
Each to me love’s joys impart.
But I love thee best of all.
E’er thy friendship I recall.


To A Friend

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

On presenting me with a honey comb.
May the honey that flows from these waxen cells
Be sweet like the mem’ry thou hast for me
And may thy life flow like chimes of magic bells.
And mayst thou many years of happiness see.



Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Sunshine surrounds thee,
Pride of your home;
Happy as the birds
‘Neath heaven’s dome.
May your life be spent
In doing good.



Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

When the autumn evening sky is blue and clear,
And the stars like bright gems are shining,
I think of absent friends, friends both true and dear,
Friends I have not met for many a long year,
Friends who often sent loving words of cheer
When my cloud had no silver lining.

I love at dewy eye to watch the falling star,
‘Tis like a brilliant volume to me
From the friends who have gone to the beautiful shore,
Where the life toss’d mariner’s struggle is o’er,
Where’ll be no parting for evermore
On that side of eternity’s sea.

The October moon is rising in the East
Like a golden orb – night’s autumn sun –
To me Hope’s Anchor, a royal love feast;
No cloud in my sky – no fears in the least.
The joy of my heart has returned – I’m released
From life’s shadows that fell one by one.


Happy Thoughts

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Happy thoughts – how little they cost
Yet are they pearls of value rare
To those who on life’s sea are tossed,
Whose earthly lot is hard to bear.

Happy they who know their power,
Know the goodness that from them springs,
Hope ‘gain conquests every hour,
And from High its blessing brings.

Happy thoughts, like the April sun,
Melting away the winter snows;
And when life’s happy goal is won,
Grand among thorns appears the rose.


Harvest Time

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

How sorrowful it is to watch
The noisy reaping machine
Parting the grain from its mother bed,
While it gracefully bent its stately head
As the breeze swept o’er the green.

The binders follow in their train
To bind the golden grain;
And when their hard day’s work is o’er
They merrily dance, as in days of yore,
To the sweet sounding violin.

How glorious the harvest moon
Peeps thro’ the maple leaves.
And beams upon the merry throng
As they sing the beautiful harvest song
In the shade of the lofty trees.



Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

From thee one souvenir I crave,
Your picture my album to grace,
And I should give mine in return,
But this sonnet must take its place.

I must only in memory live,
A picture my beauty would mar;
And should time mv features efface,
Think of me wherever you are.

Think of me, and never forget
The pleasure our friendship oft gave;
For few can sail o’er life’s rough sea
Without some rude billows to brave.

Then forget me not, but cherish
The thought that I wish still for thee
Long life, and health, and wealth, to keep
Thy soul from worldly sorrows free.

Thou hast entered the gate of knowledge
And roamed amid beauties there;
Which to thy mind more precious are
Than jewels surpassingly fair.


May Flowers

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

May flowers are shedding their beauty
Over meadow and hill,
And the bright, golden dandelion
Is queen among them still.

Ever studding our path with glory,
Where over we wander,
A golden flower, whose modest duty
Makes the heart grow fonder

Of this fair earth, man’s home, man’s kingdom,
His to hold while life lasts.
And like the flowers, this virginal May,
Has outlived winter’s blasts.

Blossoming May, hope’s flowery banner,
Crown thou the harvest field
With flowers, fruit and ripe, golden wheat.
A truly bounteous yield.


Only A Flower Poems

Only A Flower

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Only a flower, on the pavement it lay,
Falling unseen from some beauteous bouquet;
Picked up by some one, and tended with care
It blooms now as fresh as it bloomed in the air.

How little it dreamt of the fate now in store.
When lovingly pulled a few moments before;
In yonder sick chamber it sheds perfume sweet,
And no one could know it was found in the street.

Thus with frail mortals, whose talent now is cast
Aside, and o’erlook’d by the many who have passs’d,
Till some noble mind sees a flash in the gem,
And in a hero’s crown it forms a diadem.


Our Lives Like Flowers

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Thy gift I prize highly, so pretty and bright,
Of scarlet geraniums, and pink mix’d with white.
And ivy so green, ’tis a lovely bouquet,
I wish it could live and be fragrant alway.

But it must perish, like the joys of this earth,
A type of the heart, void of pleasure and mirth;
Our lives should be bright while we live, like these flowers,
And cheer our dear friends in their sad weary hours.


Water Lillies

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Flowers of the deep, bow grand in thy beauty,
Ever floating with pride o’er Huron’s pure breast
Like cups of pure gold, luring man from his duty
And filling his mind with a heavenly rest.

Earth has no flower in her garden so royal,
So queenly and grand as this queen of the wave;
So proudly ye look, so strong and so loyal,
The foam crest your birth place, the foam crest your grave.

Where are ye now, when your home is frost laden?
The ice king is gamboling free o’er your bed;
But the sun will restore thee, as hope does the maiden
Who gathers June roses for the perfume they shed.


April Violets

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

O violets, sweet violets, ye heralds of spring,
What fond recollections to my heart ye bring;
So sweet is your perfume, ye whisper of hope
When your scented blue leaves, five petall’d, ye ope.

O violets, sweet violets, waft ye to heaven
The pure joys of life, which to mortals are giv’n;
Speak not of the shadows which oft round us lie,
But of the warm sunshine that comes from on high.


The Trumpet Flower

Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

Grand in its beauty, the trumpet flower climbs
O’er trellis’d wall,
Its flame color’d blossoms, so strong and so lofty,
Charm great and small;
Its leaves of ever-green beauty fill the heart
With beauty rare,
Welcom’d by the August sun which on them shines
With tender care.


Memorial Poems

Memorial Poem I

At the break of day she was called,
Called by her duty and called by her God;
Both she obey’d, for the Master
Called her from the path she so nobly trod.


Memorial Poem II

Just before midnight came the summons,
“Christ wants thee for His angelic band,
For hast thou faithfully done thy work,
Come now with me to the better land.”

Why should we weep when the rose is pulled?
If left it would die upon the tree;
We want its fragrance, and break the stem.
So God took him from earth and thee.

Weep not; he’s safe on the golden shore;
Temptation cannot sully his heart.
Weep not; Christ will thy wounded soul heal
And to thee his great blessings impart.


Memorial Poem III

My pearl, my darling is gone.
With her lovely eyes of jet;
I lov’d her so fondly, too,
Her memory clings to me yet.

I cannot forget her, though
She was but a stranger’s child.
I loved her innocent joy,
Like a young gazelle so wild.

She is happy, precious pearl,
In the circlet of gems above;
No storm to chill her fond heart
In her home of heavenly love.


Memorial Poem IV

Awake unto righteousness,
Not idly dreaming;
A loving wife and mother
With hope’s rays streaming
From eyes, whose modest beauty
Told of the soul within,
Told of the faith and homage
That kept her free from sin.

Mourn not – her prayer was heard
That her daughter’s face
A woman’s soul would illumine
With a heaven born grace;
So weep not, christian friends,
With flowers deck her grave,
To bloom among the grasses
While o’er her tomb they wave.


Memorial Poem V

In peace let him rent
In the mercy of his God,
Whilst thou feel’st the chastening rod,
Whilst thou weepest o’er the sod,
God knoweth best.

In peace let him rest;
His life on earth is run.
His earthly task is done.
Toil’s golden crown is won;
God knoweth best.

In peace let him rest;
The Brotherhood will mourn.
Thy heart with grief is torn;
He’s safe beyond the bourne,
God knoweth best.

In peace let him rest;
In blissful realms above,
The home of Heavenly love,
He sees the treasure trove.
God knoweth best.


Loss of a Husband

Kind friend, O bear awhile the warfare of this life,
Now a widowed mother – once a happy wife;
Thy loving husband needs not now thy tender care,
In a world of glory he waits thy coming there.

His works were works of love, in our land;
His words were words of truth, on India’s coral strand;
But now his labor’s o’er, his sands of life have pass’d,
And sorrow o’er his happy home its clouds have cast.

But rejoice, widow’d mother, be happy I pray.
Love will surround thee and illumine the way;
When the snow flakes fall upon his new made grave
Remember his bravery, and be thou brave.


Loss of a Child

The pretty, tiny, dimpled hands.
Are closed on earth for ave;
The ruby lips and pearly teeth
Are covered with the clay.

But the tiny human soul,
That looked from eyes of blue,
Has entered now the heav’nly goal.
And beams with love on you.


Loss of a Son

How I miss thee, my first born, my well beloved son,
And I’ll try on bended knees to say, “Thy will be done,”
Every morn and night, until my race on earth is run –
God knoweth best.

The birds are caroling gaily, o’er thy new made grave;
Sweet flow’rs are shedding their fragrance o’er thy heart so brave;
‘Mong the trees the breezes play, as if thy love they crave,
While thou’rt at rest.

Thou art happy in thy home by the golden river.
Pouring forth thy praises to the Heavenly Giver
Of celestial and terrestrial joy, who sends Death’s quiver
To mortal breast.

There we will meet again, to dwell in rapturous joy
With Cherubim and Seraphim, will sing, my dearest boy,
Where no stain of sin, or tarnish of earth’s alloy,
Can mar thy crest.


Loss of a Father

Thy father has gone to the land of rest.
On his grave shines the August sun,
A molten sea of gold, a fitting crest
For the Christian prize he has won.
Requiescat in pace.

Weep not; his spirit rejoices above,
Earth’s battles for him have no care,
But ye, for whom he chensh’d untold love.
Daily breathe for his soul this pray’r,
Requiescat in pace.


Loss of a Mother

Thy sainted mother has found rest
Upon her Savior’s loving breast;
She has only gone before.
Her pain has ceas’d, her spirit’s free,
Her joy is for eternity
Upon the heavenly shore.

Her faith was strong, her love sincere;
Her children, to her heart, more dear
Than gold from Afric’s sands,
Her voice so sweet, in praise oft heard,
Her life so pure, God’s holy word
Her well obey’d command.

“I will not forsake thee,” she said
To lov’d ones ’round her dyin’ bed,
“Nor leave thee,” firm in truth,
Firm in salvation’s holy name.
To love her God, her highest aim.
The God she lov’d in youth.

Weep not, lov’d ones, God in Heaven
Knew, her earthly love was given
To him; her time had come,
Her strength; had gone, her spirit cried
To be with the lamb, the Crucified,
Her earthly race, was run.


Loss of a Parents

Gently they laid her to rest
By the grave of him who lov’d her in life;
There they lie, free from sorrow,
The kind loving husband, the faithful wife.

Mourn not, daughters of their love,
For they are safe on the bright golden shore;
God was their refuge, their strength,
In joy have they met, their parting is o’er.

Sweet May chimes, may ye each year
Bring a message of love from the starry skies:
And may sweet Mayflowers bloom
And birds sing o’er the grave where thy parents lie.


Faith In God Poems

The Lord He Guideth Me

O my heart is light
And my songs are bright.
My voice is full of glee.
No dark cloud of care
Mv heart can ensnare –
The Lord He guideth me.

The vesper hell peals,
My heart joyous feels
At its sweet minstrelsy.
While I list, these notes
On the light air floats,
The Lord He guideth me.

Then with lasting love
I will look above
In all humility;
In notes of sweet song
Sing the whole day long.
The Lord He guideth me.

O my heart is light
And ray songs are bright,
My voice is full of glee.
No dark cloud of care
My heart can ensnare.
The Lord He guideth me.


Come Little Children

“Come ye little children unto me.
For of such is the kingdom of Heaven;”
Such were the words of our Divine Lord,
Such dear ones the command he has given.

Dear little soldiers of Christ you’ll be,
With wreaths and breast-knots of virginal white,
When ye kneel at the altar God’s glory
Will surround ye, in a halo of light.

Be brave, little ones, and be pure of heart,
For God loveth innocence, such as thine;
Daily ask Him your past sins to forgive,
“Yes,” He will say, “ye are children of mine”



Lord our God, who rules above,
Accept our earthly works of love
And fill our souls with faith to prove Thy Majesty.
Let the Gospel’s seed take root and bloom,
And flowers of faith expel the gloom,
For Christ has risen from the tomb In Majesty.

Let ev’ry tongue Thy praise proclaim,
Let ev’ry knee bow at Thy name,
For Jesus Thou art still the same In Majesty.
The heavens with Thy name shall ring,
And countless angels endless sing.
We’ll live with Thee, our Lord and King, In Majesty.


Hard To Bear

While my task seems hard to bear;
Hard to know that on this earth
I’ll never see thee more, ne’er
See thy smile at my return,
Nor hear thy fresh young voice in
Accents fraught with filial love.
But we will meet again, meet
To part no more, in the world
Of heavenly rest, of promise
Of eternal joy. The Vine,
The living Branch, whose tendrils
Take root in the heart alone.
Knew that our love was earthly,
That our hearts clung to our child.
And now we„ with humble trust
In God’s goodness, in his word,
“Come to me all ye that are
Laden, and I will refresh ye,”
We will join in the anthem,
“Abide with me.”



“If anyone love me
He will keep my word,”
Truths from the lips of Christ,
Our Sovereign Lord.
If we love Him? Ah. me,
Are we in His grace?
Are we standard bearers
In this earthly race?

Love, the faithful loadstone
Which draws soul to soul,
Essence of power divine,
Under God’s control.
Love of Christ, the pillar
To which our souls cling;
Love of Christ, the anthem
Which the angels sing.

Love, the sinner’s pardon.
The atonement true;
In sin’s night of darkness.
Falls like morning dew.
And the worn and weary
Find a place of rest. ‘
Mid the storms of envy
On the Savior’s breast.

Love, the soldier’s watchword
On the battle field,
Of Queen, of home, and country,
God’s power revealed.
“Peace I leave, peace, I give,”
Thus the Paraclete
With tongues of living fire
Descending doth greet.


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