20 Happy Birthday Poems For Girlfriend Romantic & Funny

Birthday is a day that brings back a new spring in a person’s life. When we congratulate someone on a birthday, he is very happy and feel adopted. Wishes to your girlfriend on this important day with these beautiful Girlfriend Birthday Poems that we have collected for you.

Romantic Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

A Girl Whose Beauty Knows No Bounds

Never ending beauty
To me, that’s what you are
Providing joy and happiness
Whether you’re near or far.

So on your special day
I just want you to know
That you are very dear to me
And that feeling will only grow.

I’m sending you sweet wishes,
Happy birthday to you.

happy birthday poems for girlfriend
Happy birthday poems for girlfriend


I Want To Grow Old With You, My Love

I’m wishing you a birthday
Filled with all the love that
Your sweet heart can hold
For you are and always will
Be the one with whom
I want to grow old.

Happy birthday, my love.

romantic birthday poems for girlfriend
romantic birthday poems for girlfriend


Beautiful Wishes For A Beautiful Girl

A girl so beautiful deserves
Only the most beautiful wishes
Filled with big, warm hugs
And lots of birthday kisses!

I’m hoping that your special day
Brings joy and happiness your way
And that your birthday cake may be
As sweet as you are to me!

Happy birthday to you, sweet girl!

short birthday poems for girlfriend
Short birthday poems for girlfriend


Her Eyes Twinkle in The Light

From sunrise to sunset
She’s the most beautiful one
Her eyes shining brightly
They glisten in the sun
And as the moon rises
Once day becomes night
They sparkle and twinkle
In the soft moonlight.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

Her Eyes Twinkle in The Light


A Romantic Birthday Poem For My Love

You’re another year older
More beautiful than ever
Today I’m celebrating you
And another year together.

I’m so blessed to go through life
With a woman who’s like no other
I’m looking forward to our future
So much we still have to discover.


Happy Birthday, My Love

Your smile lights up any room
Radiating like a bright
Warm beautiful light
Your smile brightens up
The greatest of rooms
And like an exotic flower
With its enchanting power
The joy that you spread
Blossoms and blooms.

May you have a truly
Fabulous birthday this
Year, my sweet dear.


I Am Blessed To Be Loved By You

You are my light
You are my joy
You are the one
Who warms my soul
And fills my heart
With happiness.

I am so truly blessed
To be loved by you
To hold the hand
Of someone so true.

Happy birthday, my dear.
May your special day be
Filled with only love.


A Sweet Poem For My Girlfriend

With love from my heart to yours
Simply to tell you that you are
The one this guy most adores
I hope your birthday this year
Brings everything you wish for
I hope it fills your heart with joy
Bringing you happiness evermore.

Happy Birthday, My Most Beautiful One


A Heart-Touching Birthday Poem For Her

For a girl so spectacular
May your birthday be just so
This special day must be perfect
A big party we must throw!

So I’m wishing a great celebration
From all the loved ones she serves
May it be the heart touching day
That a sweet girl like you deserves.

Happy birthday to you!


Wishing You Everything Your Heart Desires

On your birthday, a girl as sweet
And as wonderful as you
Deserves all of her hopes,
Dreams, and wishes to come true.
May your special day this year
Bring you everything that you desire
And bless you with more happiness
Than your heart could ever require.

Happy birthday.


A Birthday Poem For My Someone Special

Happy birthday to my someone special
A girl who always fills my heart with joy
I’m hoping that your special day is full
Of many wonderful moments to enjoy.

I’m sending you lots of lovely birthday
Wishes, each filled with lots of love.


You Will Always Be My Happy Place

The place where I lay my head
The place I feel most content
If home is where the heart is
Then you will always be home
For you are the one who puts
A big smile upon my face
You will always be
My happy place.

Happy birthday, my love.


Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

My Particularly Smart Girlfriend

Happy birthday to my particularly
smart girlfriend!

You were really clever choosing a
very mediocre looking boyfriend
like myself, because when I’m
standing next to you it just
exaggerates your beauty!

Not that you need me for that,
of course; you are incredibly
beautiful all by yourself!

Wishing you a lovely birthday filled
with the happiest of moments, my
stunningly beautiful girlfriend!

funny birthday poems for girlfriend
Funny birthday poems for girlfriend


You Lucked Out With A Boyfriend Like Me

Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who really lucked out
in the boyfriend department!

You’re a very lucky girl to have
someone as wonderful and as
funny as me!

You Lucked Out With A Boyfriend Like Me


A Friend With Benefits

Happy birthday to my friend with benefits!

Whether or not you want to put a label
on our relationship like girlfriend and
boyfriend, there’s no question about it
that having you as a friend comes with
it’s perks!

I hope you enjoy your special day today!


You Don’t Need Beauty Products, Girlfriend

I was going to buy you some beauty
products for your birthday this year,
girlfriend, but I quickly realised that
not even the most expensive beauty
product could make you any more
beautiful than you already are!

It would just be a waste of money
and an exercise in futility! You are
gorgeous just the way you are!

Wishing you a stunning birthday
from your smooth-talking boyfriend!


Our Funny love

Our love is as sweet as the cake,
Hoping it never to be fake.
Blessed with Apollo’s skill,
with more efforts in poetry you drill.

I wish you soar to new heights,
flapping your wings with all you might.
May you achieve all that you seek,
without a moment of befalling bleak?
To my sweetheart I wish and pray, may this be your best birthday!!


You’re Just As Amazing

You’re just as amazing as the way you are,
You rock in your own style,
You’re the best gift that I’ve ever received.
You cherish the world with your smile.
You’re the most lovable creature on the earth.
You reflect only good things for the people who love you.
You’re truly a wonder of god’s creation!
Happiest birthday my dear love!!


Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Affection-filled soul,
Different impressive tone.
With a sweet smile, and dynamic vibe.
You will always be a delight,
As you can handle, and make everything fine.
Lots of love on your birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Gorgeous girl

On your special day this year
I have just one piece of advice
But since it’s top-secret
It must not be repeated twice!

While it might sound funny
Avoid laughter lines – they’re no joke
They only make you look older
And as wise as a great oak!


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